303 gsi gateway and police disruption

At last! Schnews has written a brilliant article on how NETCU et al have been trolling on the internet. This has been going on for years and is most notable on certain anti animal rights websites which target and smear activists as well as Indymedia. The police have put up posts and comments which:
are disruptive
pretend to be from named activists in an attempt to discredit
are fictional
threatening (we have highlighted at least one of these on a previous post)
give out names, addresses, private emails and phone numbers of activists
are vindictive and hateful
The fact that the individual police officers concerned are paid to disrupt campaigning in this way is an absolute disgrace. The sheer vitriol that comes out of many of these snide attempts to demoralise is proof that the political police units are not there to “protect” anything other than corporate profits and their own very lucrative little positions. They hate activists but at the same time depend on us for their swanky vehicles and luxury accomodation (according to Mark Kennedy in the Mail on Sunday this weekend). They do their best to exaggerate the danger and rake in the cash from the taxpayer whilst facing no real risks.
Must be nice having to do nothing more than make up crap for Indymedia, blogs and of course facebook we presume AND get an enhanced salary.
Right now as the Earth burns and billions of animals die in agony all the police in NDET, NPIOU, FIT, NETCU, Rumble, Achilles and other anti activist operations want to do is keep the torture, the murder, the violation, the sacrilege going and they are prepared to wreck the lives of anyone who stands up against their freinds in the multinationals, the hunts and the labs. They are nothing more than the lackeys of those who rip animals apart, who destroy the forests and who make a profit over crucifying any man woman or child who interferes with making hard cash. This is nothing to do with the law every single officer and civilian worker involved with these police units could have chosen to have done something else, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE LOWLIFE is the enemy of every decent person and has decided to do what they can to induce a police state. Recognise them as the enemy and above all FIGHT BACK. More to follow….much more..


THe Daily Mail made some interesting comments about yesturdays student demonstration in London and the subsequent trashing of the Tory Party HQ.
First they say that NETCU was disbanded in October 2010. The website is still up the last post being on the 25th when the second SHAC case concluded.
Then they say that NPIOU (who have files on 1822 of us at the last count) has had it’s budget cut by 20%.
The political police who reside on the 7th floor of Scotland Yard it would seem needed a boost and how could the government possibly justify cutting police child protection teams to the bone whilst allowing the bloated budget of NETCU, NDET, NPIOU to continue? Well a nice little riot is one way, let it happen and then terrify people about the consequences of allowing Class War and “animal rights extremists” (both seemingly blamed by a senior police officer in the DM) to be at liberty.
THe DM appears to say that FIT teams and the NPIOU should be given a big budget and licence to deal with the nasty anarchists.
Even more telling is police Inspector Gadget’s blog with one cop commenting at 08.08 this morning, “I would suggest NPIOU is a bit safer in regards its budget today”. Yes it would appear so, no doubt Nick Herbert’s speech later today will shed some light, I just hope that he remembers that when he was a student in Cambridge that his youthful high jinks did not count against him.
Regardless some people need to take security measures, no doubt the tablois will be posting up pictures of those wanted for arrest.

The Daily Fail (or is it Heil?) slanders prisoners

We have read some absolute crap over the years but Andrew Malone’s “investigation” into “A terrorist called Mumsy” has to win some sort of prize!
Andrew regurgitating a NETCU press release is not an investigation dearie and for those who read this give Andrew and DCI Andy Robbins any credibility consider the following facts;
Sarah has been in prison for years now but according to Andrew she has only been in for a week!
How exactly can a prisoner be forced to wear leather shoes? First Andrew says Sarah is forced to wear leather, then he says she is living a vegan life of Riley. Did you make this up in the pub Andrew or what?
Sarah had nothing to do with digging up Gladys Hammond.
If SHAC were a “ruthless IRA-style gang” where are all the bodies and limping people who have been knee-capped, those who have been tarred and feathered? (we at NW fully acknowledge that atrocities were committed by the UVF and British soldiers and police as well during the Troubles). Stop exaggerating Andrew, we know it makes a better headline but really show some respect to those who have suffered both in Ireland and on the UK mainland especially as we approach Rememberance Sunday.
What extensive training at “safe houses” on how to avoid police surveillance?
And it goes on and on and on 2 entire pages worth.
Solidarity with Sarah and the other activists who have been painted as her mere stooges.

SHAC trial ends – defendants jailed with disproportionate sentences!

SHAC trial ends with ridiculous sentences, Heather Nicholson jailed for 11 years; Gregg and Natasha Avery sentenced to nine years each; Gavin Medd-Hall an eight-year prison sentence Daniel Wadham jailed for five years Gerrah Selby and Dan Amos were both sentenced to four years in prison.

More mainstream bullshit can be viewed in the usual locations. We will be responding on our website against each lie that the media pump out of there pharma funded anuses as so keep your eyes pealed!

The growing threat of NETCUs quest for funding and hysterical attempts to get even more new laws to oppress us all with!

Have Steve and his gremlins had the donuts with the pink sprinkles on again? Maybe too much MSG in the takeaways? Maybe they have just got bored with animal rights people or maybe they have finally cottoned on to the fact that many animal rights people are also active against environmental desecration? Maybe they have decided that Earth First! is very effective.

Whatever it is the article in the Observer today (9th November 2008) is an appalling attempt to create a climate of hysteria against environmental activists. The best bit is when NETCU allegedly says (let us give them the benefit of the doubt journalists can tell big fibs);

“Officers are concerned a “lone maverick” eco-extremist may attempt a terrorist attack aimed at killing large numbers of Britons”.

Now why might NETCU’s hypothetical crazed environmentalist do such a thing? Well it appears that because some environmentalists are of the opinion that there are too many humans around it might help things, cull the herd so to speak in NETCUs warped imagination. Of course this is madness to cut the population by 80% the “lone maverick” would have quite a job on his or her hands having to murder 5 billion people in a short space of time. It is very unlikely unless of course in a darkened room at Hinchingbrooke the poor dears have allowed their imaginations run riot watching 28 days later where activists inadvertently release a plague which turns more or less the entire population into the flesh eating living dead. Maybe they think there is some James Bond type villain somewhere plotting the same sort of thing. Maybe they are having a great time all together in NETCU and want the funding to go on and on and on as well as telling tall stories to anyone who will listen about how heroic they all are even though they face nothing like the risks a police officer on a Saturday night in any town centre will face. Yes we know paper clips can be dangerous but not as much as a pissed bloke(s) wielding a broken bottle.

What concerns us is the way in which they attempt to criminalise a very valid opinion. The word “heretic” is not mentioned (how long before it is?) but NETCU are reported as saying that because arguments in favour of population decrease have been expressed that those individuals are prepared to kill. This is utter nonsense. For a start the human population is increasing rapidly, people are starving, land, air and water are defiled by our activities, entire species are being wiped out at unprecedented levels. To suggest that as a species we cut down our consumption of resources and limit our FUTURE numbers are valid points. How can those who do not exist suffer? No-one has EVER to our knowledge suggested genocide it is everything we are opposed to and if anything maybe NETCU should look to companies such as Nestle, or Shell, or Union Carbide who think nothing of mass murder or extremism in pursuit of profit! We at NW are utterly opposed to gross human rights violations such as those inflicted on babies in China in their attempt to curb population growth.

We believe that if the atrocities of starvation, preventable infant mortality, war, forced pregnancies, patriarchy and environmental devastation were solved that women especially would actively seek to limit their brood or even not have children at all (how many women really want loads of children?). The world population would drop dramatically over a generation or two, it has already happened in the West. Some of us activists have a few children, some have none, it is down to personal choice and seems to indicate a steady decrease in overall numbers.

To suggest that Earth First! is planning extreme violence would be laughable if it were not so sinister. Clearly NETCU wish to do something to justify their pitiful existence. We suspect that they are softening the public up for raids, serious charges and ever new ever more oppressive legislation. We also would like to warn the journalists involved in this disgraceful pro industry propaganda (Mark Townsend and Nick Denning) that they are undermining their own profession by promoting NETCUs not so hidden agenda. If one of them writes an article, even if that article is never published, which questions the wisdom of unlimited population expansion will they too be suspected of terrorism? Is it really up to NETCU to decide what we should all believe?

More thoughts on the Counter Terrorism Bill

Imagine that you are a jury member. The accused is a middle aged man charged with ABH and assaulting a police officer. The video evidence shows quite clearly him punching a police officer. Of course he would be found guilty as charged despite the fact that he said he was protecting his 8 year old daughter who was being pushed over and sworn at, and threatened by this police officer. Of course no other footage exists which would show the full story just the heavily edited police version and that of the corporation being protested against. CCTV footage can after all be seized pretty quickly by the police.

We live in a society where everything is taped and filmed and used in evidence. It could be that in the future that the state and big business have a monopoly on using recording devices or even writing contemporaneous notes. It is often heard outside the gates of Sequani that holding a video camera is “harassing” workers as is writing down police officers numbers (workers might think we were writing something down about them). If people are successfully convicted under this proposed law simply for recording incidents or even attempting to record an incident activists will have nothing other than their own/others testimony with which to defend themselves which may contradict actual video evidence. We need to be thinking about how we can deal with this amongst ourselves maybe just in affinity groups and in our wider movement.

Call to mass action Saturday 11th October against the surveillance state in solidarity with activists all around the world.


A broad movement of campaigners and organizations is calling on everybody to
join action against excessive surveillance by governments and businesses. On 11
October 2008, concerned people in many countries will take to the streets, the
motto being “Freedom not fear 2008″. Peaceful and creative action,
from protest marches to parties, will take place in many capital cities.

Assemble 1pm at New Scotland Yard


Surveillance mania is spreading. Governments and businesses register, monitor
and control our behaviour ever more thoroughly. No matter what we do, who we
phone and talk to, where we go, whom we are friends with, what our interests
are, which groups we participate in – “big brother” government and
“little brothers” in business know it more and more thoroughly. The
resulting lack of privacy and confidentiality is putting at risk the freedom of
confession, the freedom of speech as well as the work of doctors, helplines,
lawyers and journalists.

The manifold agenda of security sector reform encompasses the convergence of
police, intelligence agencies and the military, threatening to melt down the
division and balance of powers. Using methods of mass surveillance, the
borderless cooperation of the military, intelligence services and police
authorities is leading towards the construction of “Fortresses” in
Europe and on other continents, directed against refugees and different-looking
people but also affecting, for example, political activists, the poor and
under-priviledged, and sports fans.
People who constantly feel watched and under surveillance cannot freely and
courageously stand up for their rights and for a just society. Mass surveillance
is thereby threatening the fabric of a democratic and open society. Mass
surveillance is also endangering the work and commitment of civil society

Surveillance, distrust and fear are gradually transforming our society into one
of uncritical consumers who have “nothing to hide” and – in a vain
attempt to achieve total security – are prepared to give up their freedoms. We
do not want to live in such a society!

We believe the respect for our privacy to be an important part of our human
dignity. A free and open society cannot exist without unconditionally private
spaces and communications.

The increasing electronic registration and surveillance of the entire
population does not make us any safer from crime, costs millions of Euros and
puts the privacy of innocent citizens at risk. Under the reign of fear and blind
actionism, targeted and sustained security measures fall by the wayside, as well
as tackling peoples’ actual daily problems such as unemployment and poverty.

In order to protest against security mania and excessive surveillance we will
take to the streets in capital cities in many countries on 11 October 2008. We
call on everybody to join our peaceful protest. Politicians are to see that we
are willing to take to the streets for the protection of our liberties!

Assemble 1pm at New Scotland Yard with pots, pans and other stuff to make some noise!!


Legal support for the Carnival Against Vivisection + Bustcard download

Netcu Watch have set up a legal support network for those who get nicked  (and their friends/family).

Our legal support number is 07597 541638 we would recommend that you tell police that you wish that number to be informed of your detention and Bindmans & Partners Solicitors have agreed to give legal advice to activists arrested their number is 07659 136205 – We strongly recommend not using the duty solicitor.



- We recommend a no comment interview when taken to interview if arrested.

- Do not accept any pieces of paper from the police at ANY time during the protest, footage of you accepting section 12 & 14 public order notices can be used against you in court.

- And if the cops start talking over a megaphone to issue a s12 or 14 just clap your ears shouting la la la… hehe.

- Do not publish video footage or photos you have taken which might incriminate others after the demonstration and please send us any good photos and video you have taken of the demo and cops to warn at riseup dot net.

Check out the bust card printables.


Recently comments on various articles have accused activists of being grasses without any evidence whatsoever. This has the potential to alienate people from one another, create false rumours and create an atmosphere where new people are treated with suspicion.

1. To all those posting paranoid crap on Indymedia STOP PANICKING and THINK. Calling someone a grass just because they have not been charged with an offence is stupid beyond belief. Do you really think that a grass would not be prosecuted if a charge, conviction even prison sentence enables a cover to be maintained? If a grass is offered a large amount of money or other inducement do you seriously think s/he will be bothered by being charged? Often people are not charged because the “victim” does not want to pursue the complaint, lack of funds, because the police want to charge the activist for something far more serious “enough rope to hang “, or just maybe they want other activists to be distrustful of that individual. If you think someone is a grass/informer or infiltrator, talk with someone you trust (get support), substantiate your claim 100 per cent and if practicable confront your suspect prior to making accusations publicly. A good way might be to give the suspected informer exclusive, juicy but incorrect information on a few occasions and see if the police rise to the bait. All in all you need actual proof if you expect anything but derision.

2. If those sorting out a demonstration decide to have that demonstration outside HLS on a Monday for a change instead of the usual Friday there are a whole range of possibilities other than it being a police trap, for example that being when people could actually attend!

3. If those posting paranoid crap are in fact police officers (which is a good possibility) they have a very good reason for doing so. Divide and rule. A movement where every new comer is treated with suspicion, where individuals are branded as “grasses” because they are not arrested or charged, or because they make small talk with the police (nice day isn’t it? How many donuts have YOU had? My what a big truncheon you’ve got!) etc ceases to be a movement VERY quickly. We have heard that the FBI used this tactic against the Black Panthers, spread misinformation and got severe divisions. Maybe someone knows more about this?

4. Three activists who really trust one another decide to liberate some hamsters. They succeed and this is posted anonymously on activist media. No-one should know who they are and none of them should tell anyone else unless of course they are convicted or they all decide to go public e.g an “open” liberation. If arrested every activist unless acting alone should not answer questions as they will jeopardise co-defendants. If you are a distrustful soul do things alone and keep your paranoia to yourself! Knowledge should be on a need to know basis if of a sensitive nature. Bear in mind if the police think it is serious enough they can and probably will arrest people long after the alleged offence, there is not a time limit on “serious” offences.

5. Having said all this of course the police and big companies will be doing their utmost to infiltrate. Personality clashes between activists, financial hardship and threats as well as incentives to talk for example money all have the potential to turn some individuals into grasses or informers. EVERYONE needs to be aware of this. Making people included in decision making, helping one another out, creating a strong activist community where those suffering persecution from the state or in the personal realm are supported by other activists is one way to minimise this risk. Creating an open culture whereby activists can voice concerns to one another is another. Bear in mind how nasty the police can be. Activists with children have even been threatened with having their children being taken into care. We can all be vulnerable, they know this and will use any lever. Every activist needs to know that they can turn to others for support.

6. Many of us have been approached by the police at home and/or on the phone by the police and asked to be informers and we have declined most politely and posted this information on Indymedia. Activists might find that the police try and appeal to their sense of “decency” for example to help catch “terrorists”, or they might be threatened, or offered money, goods or a favour e.g drop charges, a good word in court. Be aware of the fact that the police lie and exaggerate. We would urge everyone in this position to let as many other activists know as possible or at least to get support from those closest to them. It is important for activists to know what has been asked, what offers made and any threats made. It might be the case for example that another activist could be alerted to the fact that the police are interested in him/her. Be aware that some activists may prefer not to tell others that they have been approached as is their right. How do the police find out addresses and phone numbers…well… they are the police and have access to all sorts of databases. NB For anyone playing the police along giving them false information, be careful, get at least one person to support you/know where you are and good luck.

7. If an activist does something really horrendous for example rape none of this applies. Reporting something to the police either as a victim or as a third party if violently abusive to a living being should not render someone a “grass”. This could do with some really serious discussion between activists comments welcome. Helping the police look for a missing child or as some of us did during the floods directing traffic away from a bridge about to collapse are more about assisting the community and basic decency and times during which the hatchet is buried but close by and not too deep( by the police anyway).

8. Sometimes activists and police find themselves working together for example if an activist is assaulted by another police officer for instance. A word of warning the police may arrest a fellow officer, they will go through the motions but they will usually not be overenthusiastic. Get a good lawyer on board and when you are a witness for the prosecution be aware that they will try and get information from you regarding actions and other activists be careful do not let your guard down especially just after being attacked. If giving a statement it might be worth having a lawyer present. Professional standards have been useful in quite a few situations but they are still police officers even if they are shunned in the canteen. The Independent police Complaints Commission can also be very good but they are really not “independent” at all.

9. It is probably ill advised to go out for a coffee or even worse an alcoholic drink with the police unless you really know what you are doing which is really unlikely in 99.9 per cent of cases. Just say “no thanks” because they will be trying to get information out of you to use against you and others. It is certainly not unknown for police officers to follow activists into cafes/ pubs and sit alongside activists they love us so much.

To conclude…be aware that security is a serious issue but do not make false or unfounded allegations which undermine other activists and threaten various movements. Support others and expect to be supported . You can be civil to the police and even help them if they are doing something decent such as rescuing a cat from a tree but never forget that they are your enemy and as an organisation (however nice individuals may appear, and the “nice” veneer slips quickly if they don’t get what they want) their remit is to protect big business and to stop us campaigning against vivisection, global warming, anything in fact that threatens profit. They are utterly ruthless and will go to almost any lengths although we are far luckier than other activists in other parts of the world who face routine torture and death.

If you are worried you have a grass or infiltrator in your group we recommend also reading section 3 of the Activist Security handbook (Word Doc).


The Hoo Peninsular becomes a fully functioning police state but police fail miserably!

Where can we start. Having just come back from climate camp tired but VERY happy and so impressed by our fellow activists whose dignity, good humour and super human restraint meant that NETCU and those who they “advise” (ie the 27 different police forces present, the home office and probably Eon too) failed to invade the camp and even failed to stop Eon’s fences being breached! Please log on to Indymedia with their excellent reports of the week.

First of all a riot cop left behind the NETCU handbook which as regular visitors to this site will know has been sought for many years now. Some have said that because it is just “legal advice” that this is hardly a revelation, we respond by saying that we now have NETCUs fax number, phone number and email address. Beforehand we only had their PO box in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. Now we have a Huntingdon telephone code we can very strongly assume that Superintendent Pearl and his minions are holed up in Hinchingbrooke Park at Cambridgeshire police HQ which might be a good place to demonstrate against unprovoked police violence against activists. The threat to charge children and batter them with batons issued from a low flying helicopter on the orange march springs to mind as does riot police charging lines of us whilst we simply held our ground not retaliating at all to the pepper gas or batons.

The handbook has also been thought to be very important since it featured heavily in arrests at Sequani in 2006. Four arrests were found to be unlawful by West Mercia professional standards, £25,000 in compensation was awarded to activists and we quote their findings after their investigation:

“The force legal department advised that the elements of section 42 and 50 are not made out, as there is no antisocial behaviour displayed by the protesters when the police arrived. Ms S’s actions in requesting officer details and taking pictures on her mobile phone of the officers are not deemed to be anti social. In addition there is no evidence to support any residents suffering from harassment alarm or distress on that date and so section 42 does not apply. The arrest is therefore unlawful and any actions taken thereafter are also deemed to be unlawful.


All aspects of the complaint are substantiated.

It is clear from the investigation that officers have been provided with a briefing note, which interprets the use of legislation in an ambiguous way. This has led to officers becoming confused when faced with protesters about how to enforce their powers”.

Despite asking the police in West Mercia professional standards, on bended knee in fact, for the “briefing note” we were politely refused.

Briefing note, handbook, whatever NETCU have encouraged their fellow officers to use powers they do not have. For those who still do not understand this handbook in our hands now enables our lawyers to go through it with a fine tooth comb to find any ambiguities which can then be used against the police in both criminal and civil courts. The Chief Constable of Kent police may find his financial problems are just beginning when the complaints start and claims for financial compensation from hundreds of activists pour in. Julie Spence Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police and Steve Pearl’s boss may also find that she is requesting more funds. NETCU may well prove to be more trouble than they are worth, they may also rewrite the document, change contact details and redistribute which will disrupt their activities and cost them some more money. There is also the embarrassment factor to account for.

We urge any activist(no matter what demonstration/action they were arrested for) facing court to make sure that their lawyer has a copy of this booklet as the information therein may have been used as a basis for arrest, that information might be incorrect. Activists who have had cases dropped may find that an arrest made using the handbook was unlawful, they might find it helpful in suing the police.

Complaints can be made about NETCU if made against Superintendent Pearl who leads the unit. Bear in mind NETCU have sought to imprison every last animal rights activist who does more than write a polite letter to the paper/ MP. They specifically want to disrupt every demonstration, stall, the handing out of leaflets and tend to gloat every time they succeed. Animal rights people have also been to the Royal Courts of Justice to find Steve Pearl(head of NETCU) sitting behind Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden (employed by HLS and a whole host of others) actually advising various corporations about activists seeking to seize assets and curb all protest. He has given many statements which exclude vital information for example in 2000 he gave evidence that the A1 was blocked by anti vivisection activists on tripods and that a car was scratched he omitted the fact that a serving police officer nearly killed a protester by pulling a tripod over (causing severe facial injuries, blood loss and fractures to the left leg) and even said that he was not aware that anyone was injured when he was questioned by Cambridgeshire professional Standards. He had sat in the same room as that activist at the Girton planning enquiry when the same activist gave evidence about her injuries and police violence a few years prior to him writing this statement.

In all NETCU are at the front-line in making ALL activists into long term prisoners with all assets taken by the state or corporations with whom they work closely. They must be challenged and do not think for a second that if you only do “legal” things they are not interested, if you are effective they want you and badly. Yes we know that Steve Pearl and some of the FIT teams may appear very endearing but we stress that their job is to destroy any criticism of vivisection for now and it would appear climate change in the near future. Eternal vigilance, play nicely with the police, be polite, share a joke, swap badges (one of us got a very nice Sussex police sticker by the way) and never be violent towards them (unless you really do have defend yourself/others against serious injury/death) but also never forget that they are our enemy and want information about every one of us right down to the last babe in arms to be fed back to NETCU who will then use that information in any way possible to fuck up people’s lives work, family, friends every single aspect.

NETCU have also lied they said that Eon was not disrupted during the protest and so why oh why have Kent police charged 4 people with aggravated trespass accusing them of causing the river flow in to the plant to be stopped by Eon because of their position on the ledge above the water inlet? Maybe the more technically minded can help us here but how does a power station run without a cooling system? Are Kent police lying or misled by Eon? We suppose time will tell.

As for the local people, many had to endure being harassed, assaulted and bullied by police when they walked their dogs, went jogging or to the shops. Many of us are used to being pushed around by police and we expect it as activists although we tend to know our rights, stick together and fight back through the courts. What is truly frightening is how everyone in a certain area had to justify their normal activities to the state it was although martial law had been declared and an army of occupation had marched in. As was the case at the animal rights gathering some locals were targeted possibly to turn them against activists. The tax payer even had to pay for visiting police officers from as far afield as Wales and Scotland to enjoy themselves at a local Holiday Inn complete with swimming pool and gym as well as lots of police toys for example big lights, night vision, loud speakers (great for playing pranks with) and lots and lots or Metropolitan police stickers which adorned everything. Of course police sirens were a constant source of amusement as was donning riot gear and standing in the woods. Some officers even found that unripe pears made good missiles against a small group of teenagers, needless to say if the police had been pelted with fruit they might just have arrested their assailant.

Climate Camp was an astonishing success in the face of sometimes quite brutal suppression but nothing daunted the spirits of activists. One of the funniest things heard by us was when after a night of police sirens, low flying helicopters and police in riot gear making various appearances an activist loudly asked riot cops where their snooze button was. It appears they don’t have one still neither do we.


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