Lately there have been many negative comments across Indymedia concerning mostly WARN but also SHAC and other campaigns. None of us has an issue about criticism as long as it is constructive or even outright dislike, we cannot expect to all get on. Debate is healthy of course we are all individuals. We will do the best we can whilst we remain at liberty and strongly suggest that others who do not like our methods show us all up by creating something much better.
What we do have an issue with are not opinions or personal insults but lies especially fabrications about Sean’s case and about SHAC, especially when some of those being lied about are in prison and unable to defend themselves. There have been many posts concerning informers and/or infiltrators in SHAC and WARN. It appears that every post now is accompanied with comments insisting that both groups are either run by the police or that the police have infiltrated. Not one scrap of evidence has ever backed up these claims just vague nonsense about how grasses are under current investigation by these unknown people. Any activist actually investigating someone they suspect of being a grass would hardly warn that person by posting publicly that they were doing so and so we can safely assume that this is unsubstantiated nonsense unless of course actual evidence emerges one fine day. By the way, we all know full well that lots of people have been approached to be informers, that there may well be infiltrators and that some activists have become grasses in the past, but at present no one of us have any suspicions about our fellows and despite many statements to the contrary no-one has actually shown us any evidence of any wrong-doing, in fact despite asking many different groups and individuals no inkling of any evidence has come to light.

These comments are made maybe by some who are genuine but disgruntled but in the main to cause rifts in the animal rights movement, to alienate the movement from other movements, to put off new people, to create a climate of fear, to isolate individuals, to give our enemies in the media and the state ammunition, to stop people posting actions or to stop actions as people might be fearful of such vicious criticism, to imply that Sean partook of illegal acts and to get information from outraged activists who feel that they have to respond to this nonsense giving facts. The fact that Indymedia has been used as a tool with which to spread this poison is something we should all learn from.
What has really made us suspect that it is the police or vivisectors behind some of these allegations are the recent outright fibs which make Jackanory look like a serious documentary! The whoppers under “Solidarity for Political prisoner Sean Kirtley” are real gems and most certainly NOT made by anyone genuine. They have now been hidden.

They say

2 grasses sold his details for £900 and copied his pc details while he was on the London action in return for a shorter sentence for herself.

We say

Sean never went to London, we have no idea what £900 was given to 2 activists and no-one has enlightened us. NO female was imprisoned. Someone else goes on to say that Lauren Gazzola grassed up Sean, hardly likely as they never met, she is a great activist who would never sell out, she is in prison in the USA and was not even in the UK when all of these heinous banner waving acts were taking place. Pure lies

They say

Someone in the SSAT organisation copied Sean’s hard drive and these people are now isolated from membership details and operations

We say

WHAT organisation? SSAT was a website updated by Sean which even Judge Ross said was legal, there have never been any membership details and as for “operations” well we are not aware of any. Seans hard drive was taken by the police when they smashed his door in in May2006 they possibly copied it themselves, not that there was anything incriminating on his hard drive anyway other than that he knew other vegans in Worcestershire. Again claims are made about the hard drive being copied by a grass but no evidence whatsoever.

They say

SHAC is infiltrated and that they have known about it for 4 years.

We say

Making such an allegation has VERY serious implications for the animal rights movement especially Greg, Natasha, Heather and Dan who are in prison and for all of the other defendants. Anyone genuine would have made sure that they had decent evidence before confronting the suspect then publicising details so that people could defend themselves by isolating the informer/infiltrator. Stating that SHAC is full of grasses with no evidence is shit stirring pure and simple. It is no good to claim as these jokers do that they are continuing to investigate because if they were doing so they effectively warned their target and we suspect that it is not because they are grossly incompetent but because they are in fact police officers who want everyone suspecting everyone else.

They say

Well they start using our names and using them to make comments we would not make. Notably Lynn Sawyer saying that a post from her was not hers. Using Chris Potter’s name on the Fit watch site to criticise Fit watch. Posting something that could have been incriminating signed “VPSG” (known as Vegan Prisoners Support Group, who NEVER post on anything but their own website).

We say

Do not assume that a post/ article/whatever is necessarily from who it says it is from especially if it is really nasty/ inflammatory. Check with the campaign/individual concerned. For the record we are opposed to fascism, sexism, racism, homophobia and destruction of the environment we would never attack any activists who are striving for human liberation even though we do not actively support every campaign this is due to time constraints not because we do not care. Running a women’s group, fighting against climate change, stopping asylum seekers being sent back to torture and death, fighting fascists? We salute you all and if you see a comment which is really derogatory (as opposed to disagreeing about something) signed off by an animal rights person or group be absolutely sure that it is an attempt to divide and conquer and please contact us here at Netcu Watch for clarification.

They say

They received an email from Lynn Sawyer when her email was down

We say

The old email address had expired 2 weeks before as Lynn had not paid orange any money after changing her account, unbeknown to her orange cancelled the email address.

They say

That the WARN “grouping” have knowingly had a problem with police infiltration which is a “major problem”, Apparently Chris spoke to someone called Sara about this.

We say

We have no reason to suspect that there are any grasses/infiltrators and no-one has given us any information that would make us have any suspicions. We do not know anyone called Sara or Mark in this area! “Mark” refused to say who copied Sean’s hard drive,(despite being asked) probably because no activist actually did so!

They say

Sean was grassed up, so were others.

We say

Who, when, what, where and why? Despite these people or person (using many different names) mentioning “clear evidence” none at all has been shown to anyone. We think that if there was evidence first of all it would have been shown to those involved or their lawyers. There is no evidence that anyone we know has heard of let alone seen. As for stifling debate defending ourselves against outrageous stories is hardly that, neither is demanding hard evidence. Allegations without evidence are the worst of both worlds, paranoia and panic without the information that people need to protect themselves.

They say

Something about Sean’s kitchen getting damaged.

We say.

Pure Jackanory, Sean’s kitchen was not damaged and we have discussed this with his partner who we think as she lives with him might have noticed!

They use

The Veggies email address

We say

Well it adds a tiny bit of credibility to their account shame that we can all compare notes with one another eh? No-one from Veggies posted anything about Sean’s kitchen we have checked!

They say

“ALF” activists arrested and posted this on 2 occasions.

We say.

This could be used by police theoretically against those arrested. The police do watch Indymedia and did reportedly mention it to at least one person arrested. They have also been known to post on Indymedia.

They say

Because people have been arrested that the movement is rife with informers

We say

There is no evidence of that at present although people should be aware of the fact that informers/infiltrators are a hazard to be aware of and take precautions against without paranoia. The police can arrest people with very little evidence if they so wish, they are also more than capable of putting tracers on vehicles, watching CCTV, bugging houses and places like pubs, following people on foot and all manner of surveillance. It is not unknown for the police to “frame” suspects and at the moment animal rights activists are flavour of the decade. Informers/infiltrators may be important to them but they have plenty of other weapons in the arsenal.

They say

We are hiding our head in the sand.

We say

Questioning some vague accusation that there are informers/infiltrators is hardly ignoring the problem! Bear in mind that no information other than SHAC and WARN are supposedly infiltrated has been given which is of no use whatsoever. It is hardly likely that anyone genuine would post this nonsense but giving them the benefit of the doubt a few questions …What exactly do you expect people to do with the information “SHAC and WARN are infiltrated”? Do you not think that this accusation requires some explanation? Do you really expect us to suspect people we have known well for years (in some cases decades) on the say so of someone putting up an unsubstantiated and anonymous post? Activists across the movement meet one another often and not one person has voiced any suspicions to anyone else face to face or at ANY meeting despite the fact that we can be a pretty argumentative bunch.

They say

Ha ha look at the low numbers

We say

So What? Sean was sent to prison for 4 and a half years for peacefully protesting against vivisection and activists are still outside labs and leafleting despite the threat of having their lives turned upside down. Nationals still attract hundreds of people and that is without the subsidised coaches of yesteryear. Those marching against vivisection attract greater numbers than those marching for it despite the fact that vivisection employs a few thousand directly, all in all they can’t even be arsed to defend their “vocation” whereas we potentially risk our liberty when we demonstrate. One person can demonstrate and be very effective.

We also say.

Informers and infiltrators are a real danger the sample of comments above do not in any way assist any activist in basic security. Vague accusations cause untold harm only solid proof, and nothing less, should enter the public arena. Another reason behind these wild rumours is that in future those who have evidence of grasses/infiltrators and wish to expose them may find it more difficult to do so because the police have already used it as a tactic to divide and rule.

Needless to say this attempt to split us has failed miserably.

One thing of which we are fairly certain is that the police are scheming against us. Maybe not the nice Ledbury bobby who attends the demos but the membership of Operation Achilles and Tornardo (more like Operation damp drizzle) and of course NETCU are up to something. It is possible that once they have worked out a formula that doesn’t involve waste millions of pounds with activists being acquitted by juries as they have done no more than peaceful protest that they will move in for the kill. Rushing through a new law or ensuring that there is no jury might be ways around this, or maybe the staging of some heinous act which is attributed to animal rights people, after all there are still lots of queries surrounding Gladys Hammond and Mel Broughton certainly did not commit arson. We will make it very clear to any police officer reading this that we will fight for freedom to protest every step of the way as did the Sequani 6, no deals! We are very much on our guard and ask that in the event we are carted off one morning that other activists question everything the press say and carry on campaigning in whatever way seems right.

It is possible that a real media circus is brewing with the SHAC trial we should support one another, keep our cool even in the face of gross oppression and never ever give up. The fact that hundreds still march at HLS, at Sequani, at Wickham and that more robust activities are increasing is hardly a failure, certainly not in the current climate. We may be fighting overwhelming odds but we always have done. To keep on fighting is what counts, to know that we have done our best and to maintain hope that one day we will live in a world where all living creatures, including humans, are treated with compassion and respect.

The State shows its true colours.

The State shows its true colours.

The Independent front page makes astounding reading. The old D’ notices with which the police, MI5,etc could ask the media not to publish sensitive stuff is to be replaced by a new piece of legislation which gags all journalists if those in Whitehall have their wicked way.

On page 7 reads the headline “Unit that rescued victims of child labour and sex trade is closed down”. The largest dedicated human trafficking police unit because of spending cuts. The overall budget for the protection of 4000 innocent people forced into a living hell was a pathetic 4 million pounds, it is now 1.7 million! So those in charge of policing are quite happy to squander 4 million pounds plus on prosecuting the Sequani 6 alone. The message is clear forcing a young girl into a life of torture and repeated rape is nothing compared to feeling slightly annoyed at a banner being held according to the Home Office. But then of course women and children whose lives are at risk and may well be deported do not have lobbyists, they do not give huge donations to the Labour Party, they do not have senior police officers at their beck and call unlike Big Pharma.

A serious question to all police officers ;

Did you become a police officer to stop atrocities such as serial rape or to sit behind a desk trying to prove that a peaceful protestor somehow “harassed” someone who spends all day hurting innocent animals? Honestly now where would YOU prefer the national budget to be spent NETCU or the Met’s People Trafficking Team not that any of you have a choice?

The growing threat of NETCUs quest for funding and hysterical attempts to get even more new laws to oppress us all with!

Have Steve and his gremlins had the donuts with the pink sprinkles on again? Maybe too much MSG in the takeaways? Maybe they have just got bored with animal rights people or maybe they have finally cottoned on to the fact that many animal rights people are also active against environmental desecration? Maybe they have decided that Earth First! is very effective.

Whatever it is the article in the Observer today (9th November 2008) is an appalling attempt to create a climate of hysteria against environmental activists. The best bit is when NETCU allegedly says (let us give them the benefit of the doubt journalists can tell big fibs);

“Officers are concerned a “lone maverick” eco-extremist may attempt a terrorist attack aimed at killing large numbers of Britons”.

Now why might NETCU’s hypothetical crazed environmentalist do such a thing? Well it appears that because some environmentalists are of the opinion that there are too many humans around it might help things, cull the herd so to speak in NETCUs warped imagination. Of course this is madness to cut the population by 80% the “lone maverick” would have quite a job on his or her hands having to murder 5 billion people in a short space of time. It is very unlikely unless of course in a darkened room at Hinchingbrooke the poor dears have allowed their imaginations run riot watching 28 days later where activists inadvertently release a plague which turns more or less the entire population into the flesh eating living dead. Maybe they think there is some James Bond type villain somewhere plotting the same sort of thing. Maybe they are having a great time all together in NETCU and want the funding to go on and on and on as well as telling tall stories to anyone who will listen about how heroic they all are even though they face nothing like the risks a police officer on a Saturday night in any town centre will face. Yes we know paper clips can be dangerous but not as much as a pissed bloke(s) wielding a broken bottle.

What concerns us is the way in which they attempt to criminalise a very valid opinion. The word “heretic” is not mentioned (how long before it is?) but NETCU are reported as saying that because arguments in favour of population decrease have been expressed that those individuals are prepared to kill. This is utter nonsense. For a start the human population is increasing rapidly, people are starving, land, air and water are defiled by our activities, entire species are being wiped out at unprecedented levels. To suggest that as a species we cut down our consumption of resources and limit our FUTURE numbers are valid points. How can those who do not exist suffer? No-one has EVER to our knowledge suggested genocide it is everything we are opposed to and if anything maybe NETCU should look to companies such as Nestle, or Shell, or Union Carbide who think nothing of mass murder or extremism in pursuit of profit! We at NW are utterly opposed to gross human rights violations such as those inflicted on babies in China in their attempt to curb population growth.

We believe that if the atrocities of starvation, preventable infant mortality, war, forced pregnancies, patriarchy and environmental devastation were solved that women especially would actively seek to limit their brood or even not have children at all (how many women really want loads of children?). The world population would drop dramatically over a generation or two, it has already happened in the West. Some of us activists have a few children, some have none, it is down to personal choice and seems to indicate a steady decrease in overall numbers.

To suggest that Earth First! is planning extreme violence would be laughable if it were not so sinister. Clearly NETCU wish to do something to justify their pitiful existence. We suspect that they are softening the public up for raids, serious charges and ever new ever more oppressive legislation. We also would like to warn the journalists involved in this disgraceful pro industry propaganda (Mark Townsend and Nick Denning) that they are undermining their own profession by promoting NETCUs not so hidden agenda. If one of them writes an article, even if that article is never published, which questions the wisdom of unlimited population expansion will they too be suspected of terrorism? Is it really up to NETCU to decide what we should all believe?

More thoughts on the Counter Terrorism Bill

Imagine that you are a jury member. The accused is a middle aged man charged with ABH and assaulting a police officer. The video evidence shows quite clearly him punching a police officer. Of course he would be found guilty as charged despite the fact that he said he was protecting his 8 year old daughter who was being pushed over and sworn at, and threatened by this police officer. Of course no other footage exists which would show the full story just the heavily edited police version and that of the corporation being protested against. CCTV footage can after all be seized pretty quickly by the police.

We live in a society where everything is taped and filmed and used in evidence. It could be that in the future that the state and big business have a monopoly on using recording devices or even writing contemporaneous notes. It is often heard outside the gates of Sequani that holding a video camera is “harassing” workers as is writing down police officers numbers (workers might think we were writing something down about them). If people are successfully convicted under this proposed law simply for recording incidents or even attempting to record an incident activists will have nothing other than their own/others testimony with which to defend themselves which may contradict actual video evidence. We need to be thinking about how we can deal with this amongst ourselves maybe just in affinity groups and in our wider movement.

NETCU WATCH are terrorists (Soon) thoughts on s58a of the Counter Terrorism Bill 2008

Section 58A Counter Terrorism Bill 2008

This is yet another piece of legislation spewed out by the government and at a glance it appears to make the police get an even tighter stranglehold over us. This is in committee at present and it is astonishing how there has not been a public outcry or any discussion about the implications of this part of the Bill.

In a nutshell it will become an offence punishable by up to 10 years to elicit information about a member of the armed forces, intelligence services or police (or indeed anyone who has in the past done any of these occupations) which might be useful for terrorists. The only defence is that you had a good reason for doing so. What a “good reason” could be is anyone’s guess, maybe people will only find out after a full blown Crown Court trial. Even trying to get information about any of those covered is an offence apparently.

Victims of Jacqui Smith’s zeal to launch us into a totalitarian nightmare could include:

Well, us activists for a start and we don’t think that is a coincidence. If a police officer behaves badly and oppressively we have been known to criticise them on the internet. Furthermore it has always been commonsense to jot down police collar numbers on demos and take photos a) for legal reasons to identify police breaking the law, to identify police behaving well, to help clarify matters in both criminal and civil courts. Intelligence on police gathered by activists has helped to acquit innocent activists, enabled activists to sue police and correctly identify the culprits. None of this has ever been used in order to use violence against the police let alone terrorism but we can hazard a guess that they might use this proposed legislation against us. What if MI5 infiltrate a group and that agent is discovered? Will it become an offence to warn other activists? Will it be an offence to after having suspicions raised about a fellow activist to make a few enquiries if the “activist” is an undercover cop?

Journalists will be at considerable risk and we are astonished that they are not up in arms (metaphorically speaking). The police are supposed to be accountable for their actions, if no-one can legally even try to ascertain facts surrounding for example a death in custody then the police have a free rein to do as they wish. The Panorama reporter who joined up as a rookie PC and filmed his racist colleagues undercover might find himself in prison for 10 years even if he just keeps his notes, after all a “terrorist” might, just might, find some use for them. As the protection from any information gathering lasts for life if for example a policeman becomes a politician will any attempt to expose corruption result in an investigative reporter serving a ten year prison sentence?

Search engines such as Google might find themselves in trouble. After all look up Superintendant Pearl and information pops up in abundance. We have no idea how any of this would be useful to a terrorist but if for example an animal rights activist has done a Google search on a police officer or indeed ex-army, head of security, thug we are sure they might in some cases at least attempt to use section 58A against that activist if they get their mitts on their computer. We advise the strongest possible adherence to computer security. The companies themselves could even be at risk of prosecution, Wikipedia elicits information on many things all the time does it not? Service providers may tell the police stuff about users or heavily vet certain websites.

We may be over reacting but we strongly suspect that if this Bill gets royal assent that at least some people will face raids, violent arrest, months on bail/or remanded in custody and a trial. Even if acquitted some people’s lives will be on hold for a very long time at best and potentially jobs, homes and relationships could be at risk. We do have to stand up to this law though, it interferes with us defending ourselves against the police and gives a lifetime of immunity from criticism and scrutiny to everyone who serves in the armed forces, is a constable or a spook however badly they behave.

We have no intention whatsoever of harming any police officers, troops or MI5 agents but do not intend to stand idly by and allow them to get away with criminal, oppressive and violent behaviour. Furthermore as has been commented elsewhere this prospective legislation came after a soldier was targeted for execution allegedly by “extremists”, we do not know how true this is as we only have the press to go by but this is given as the reason. We would like to add whilst we respect all religions and creeds, we want religious freedom, we are utterly opposed to religious nutters who believe that women are inferior, Gay people should be murdered, that torturing and killing people are acceptable and that they are involved in some sort of “holy” war. Whether they call themselves Christians, or Muslims or anything else we despise everything they stand for and would have no intention whatsoever in assisting with the capture and murder of ANYONE (for the benefit of the tape!). Fear of religious nutters and paedophiles is being used to destroy any notion of common sense and freedom. It remains to be seen how this law will be used but it does encompass far more people than those planning to target an individual in the armed forces. We fully intend to fight all the way through the courts if we are targeted and urge everyone else whether you be a journalist, an activist or just someone who is annoyed about the copper’s Leylandii hedge next door and does a land registry search on the property we urge you to do the same.


The Hoo Peninsular becomes a fully functioning police state but police fail miserably!

Where can we start. Having just come back from climate camp tired but VERY happy and so impressed by our fellow activists whose dignity, good humour and super human restraint meant that NETCU and those who they “advise” (ie the 27 different police forces present, the home office and probably Eon too) failed to invade the camp and even failed to stop Eon’s fences being breached! Please log on to Indymedia with their excellent reports of the week.

First of all a riot cop left behind the NETCU handbook which as regular visitors to this site will know has been sought for many years now. Some have said that because it is just “legal advice” that this is hardly a revelation, we respond by saying that we now have NETCUs fax number, phone number and email address. Beforehand we only had their PO box in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. Now we have a Huntingdon telephone code we can very strongly assume that Superintendent Pearl and his minions are holed up in Hinchingbrooke Park at Cambridgeshire police HQ which might be a good place to demonstrate against unprovoked police violence against activists. The threat to charge children and batter them with batons issued from a low flying helicopter on the orange march springs to mind as does riot police charging lines of us whilst we simply held our ground not retaliating at all to the pepper gas or batons.

The handbook has also been thought to be very important since it featured heavily in arrests at Sequani in 2006. Four arrests were found to be unlawful by West Mercia professional standards, £25,000 in compensation was awarded to activists and we quote their findings after their investigation:

“The force legal department advised that the elements of section 42 and 50 are not made out, as there is no antisocial behaviour displayed by the protesters when the police arrived. Ms S’s actions in requesting officer details and taking pictures on her mobile phone of the officers are not deemed to be anti social. In addition there is no evidence to support any residents suffering from harassment alarm or distress on that date and so section 42 does not apply. The arrest is therefore unlawful and any actions taken thereafter are also deemed to be unlawful.


All aspects of the complaint are substantiated.

It is clear from the investigation that officers have been provided with a briefing note, which interprets the use of legislation in an ambiguous way. This has led to officers becoming confused when faced with protesters about how to enforce their powers”.

Despite asking the police in West Mercia professional standards, on bended knee in fact, for the “briefing note” we were politely refused.

Briefing note, handbook, whatever NETCU have encouraged their fellow officers to use powers they do not have. For those who still do not understand this handbook in our hands now enables our lawyers to go through it with a fine tooth comb to find any ambiguities which can then be used against the police in both criminal and civil courts. The Chief Constable of Kent police may find his financial problems are just beginning when the complaints start and claims for financial compensation from hundreds of activists pour in. Julie Spence Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police and Steve Pearl’s boss may also find that she is requesting more funds. NETCU may well prove to be more trouble than they are worth, they may also rewrite the document, change contact details and redistribute which will disrupt their activities and cost them some more money. There is also the embarrassment factor to account for.

We urge any activist(no matter what demonstration/action they were arrested for) facing court to make sure that their lawyer has a copy of this booklet as the information therein may have been used as a basis for arrest, that information might be incorrect. Activists who have had cases dropped may find that an arrest made using the handbook was unlawful, they might find it helpful in suing the police.

Complaints can be made about NETCU if made against Superintendent Pearl who leads the unit. Bear in mind NETCU have sought to imprison every last animal rights activist who does more than write a polite letter to the paper/ MP. They specifically want to disrupt every demonstration, stall, the handing out of leaflets and tend to gloat every time they succeed. Animal rights people have also been to the Royal Courts of Justice to find Steve Pearl(head of NETCU) sitting behind Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden (employed by HLS and a whole host of others) actually advising various corporations about activists seeking to seize assets and curb all protest. He has given many statements which exclude vital information for example in 2000 he gave evidence that the A1 was blocked by anti vivisection activists on tripods and that a car was scratched he omitted the fact that a serving police officer nearly killed a protester by pulling a tripod over (causing severe facial injuries, blood loss and fractures to the left leg) and even said that he was not aware that anyone was injured when he was questioned by Cambridgeshire professional Standards. He had sat in the same room as that activist at the Girton planning enquiry when the same activist gave evidence about her injuries and police violence a few years prior to him writing this statement.

In all NETCU are at the front-line in making ALL activists into long term prisoners with all assets taken by the state or corporations with whom they work closely. They must be challenged and do not think for a second that if you only do “legal” things they are not interested, if you are effective they want you and badly. Yes we know that Steve Pearl and some of the FIT teams may appear very endearing but we stress that their job is to destroy any criticism of vivisection for now and it would appear climate change in the near future. Eternal vigilance, play nicely with the police, be polite, share a joke, swap badges (one of us got a very nice Sussex police sticker by the way) and never be violent towards them (unless you really do have defend yourself/others against serious injury/death) but also never forget that they are our enemy and want information about every one of us right down to the last babe in arms to be fed back to NETCU who will then use that information in any way possible to fuck up people’s lives work, family, friends every single aspect.

NETCU have also lied they said that Eon was not disrupted during the protest and so why oh why have Kent police charged 4 people with aggravated trespass accusing them of causing the river flow in to the plant to be stopped by Eon because of their position on the ledge above the water inlet? Maybe the more technically minded can help us here but how does a power station run without a cooling system? Are Kent police lying or misled by Eon? We suppose time will tell.

As for the local people, many had to endure being harassed, assaulted and bullied by police when they walked their dogs, went jogging or to the shops. Many of us are used to being pushed around by police and we expect it as activists although we tend to know our rights, stick together and fight back through the courts. What is truly frightening is how everyone in a certain area had to justify their normal activities to the state it was although martial law had been declared and an army of occupation had marched in. As was the case at the animal rights gathering some locals were targeted possibly to turn them against activists. The tax payer even had to pay for visiting police officers from as far afield as Wales and Scotland to enjoy themselves at a local Holiday Inn complete with swimming pool and gym as well as lots of police toys for example big lights, night vision, loud speakers (great for playing pranks with) and lots and lots or Metropolitan police stickers which adorned everything. Of course police sirens were a constant source of amusement as was donning riot gear and standing in the woods. Some officers even found that unripe pears made good missiles against a small group of teenagers, needless to say if the police had been pelted with fruit they might just have arrested their assailant.

Climate Camp was an astonishing success in the face of sometimes quite brutal suppression but nothing daunted the spirits of activists. One of the funniest things heard by us was when after a night of police sirens, low flying helicopters and police in riot gear making various appearances an activist loudly asked riot cops where their snooze button was. It appears they don’t have one still neither do we.

Power station shut down: Netcu lying or Kent police lying?

From the NETCU site:

“Fifty arrested during river rescue and scuffles – but protesters fail to close down power station

Around 50 people were arrested in disturbances today as climate camp protesters attempted to carry out their threat to break into Kingsnorth Power Station, near Hoo.”

So if the power station wasn’t closed down how was it functioning without cooling system? Check out the police charge sheet below for some more larfs…

With the dropping of the NETCU handbook and now this blunder how long before Pearl, Skivens, Bacon and co are looking for new jobs…

NETCU Refused to comment on above article…

NETCU acting blatantly in the interests of the vivisection industry

NETCU have recently added a news item to their site http://www.netcu.org.uk concerning the Advertising Standards Authority finding against SPEAK (the campaign to prevent the building of another laboratory in Oxford).

SPEAK quoted directly from the Telegraph but interestingly the ASA have not criticised the newspaper! Whilst the ASA continues to be somewhat biased in the way it “bans” leaflets and adverts it has also found against the Department of Health’s “every body needs milk” fallacy and the Research Defence Society as well as many other groups.

Often no-one really takes much notice of them, the ASA are not a legal entity of any real importance. What concerns us is NETCU yet again acting blatantly in the interests of the vivisection industry.

An ASA ruling may have some news interest on the RDS site but it is grossly inappropriate on a supposedly impartial police website (rather like the vivisection lobby group links on NETCU’s links page).

Therefore not only are thugs in police uniform keen to launch vicious and unprovoked attacks on elderly women, (Oxford 21st June 2006), but they are also keen to promote violence against other innocent animals.

Anyone who finds this offensive should complain about NETCU (remember Temporary Superintendant Steve Pearl is responsible for the unit) to the IPCC enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

I was in bed, then police stormed in…

Worcester Evening News
Friday May 12th 2006
By Kate Moss

An animal rights campaigner has spoken of her shock after police smashed through her door and arrested her.

Pauline Burgess, of Malvern Link, said she was lying in bed on Tuesday when she was startled by a loud bang.

“I was in my bed and heard a crash and officers ran in and grabbed me by the arms,” said the 50 year old life model. She said an officer, accompanied by a woman in plain clothes, flashed a search warrant in front of her.

Miss Burgess said she was more concerned for her rabbit’s safety than her own ordeal. She was terrified her pet rabbit was going to escape because the officers left the front door open.

“I was hysterical about my rabbit,” she said. “I was so distressed that in the end they let me catch her with the handcuffs on.”

She said the officers took campaigning posters and leaflets.

“It is unbelievable,” she said. “If they had knocked on my door I would have been happy for them to search my house – I’ve nothing to hide. I feel terribly devastated.” She said when she asked what the police were doing there, she was told she was a public nuisance.

Miss Burgess said she was detained at Worcester police station for 12 hours.

She said she peacefully demonstrates against any kind of animal cruelty, especially against the live exportation of calves.

A police spokesman said: West Mercia Constabulary has arrested 11 people in connection with offences relating to animal rights extremist activities. “A pre-planned operation was carried out to investigate alleged offences committed under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

“The operation involved 120 West Mercia officers assisted by other national police agencies. “The arrests were made at a number off addresses in the Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and West Midlands areas.

“A large number of items were seized during extensive searches conducted throughout the two day operation.

“All 11 people arrested have been released on police bail while enquiries continue. Files will be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service in due course.”


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