NETCU confuse “extremism” with common decency yet again

West Sussex police have been successful in securing the conviction of 4 activists for burglary and so of course NETCU are gloating about it and have issued a statement on their website.

Of course the 4 brave people who have been convicted have qualities those who persecute them do not: compassion, integrity, courage, decency and a sense of duty to liberate and defend those who are the victims of hideous abuse. According to NETCU the 4 have been convicted of burglary following the rescue of various animals from a pet shop.

The pet industry is linked with the factory farming of dogs and other innocent animals and whilst many people who buy animals treat them well others abuse and/or neglect them. Many animals in pet shops are physically and mentally sick. Many dogs and cats remain unneutered and give birth to unwanted kittens and puppies whom then starve leaving those who care the enormous task of rescuing, rehoming and fundraising in order to pay for all this.

Therefore some pet shop owners make money out of animals and often make no attempt to help animals suffering because of their greed often even dumping surplus animals on animal rights people with threats to kill hamsters and gerbils otherwise. Thousands of healthy animals are killed every day because they do not have a home as a direct result of the ruthless profiteering of the pet industry and the ignorance/ indifference of some customers. This is worse than “crime” it is an atrocity and NETCU are keen to protect those who commit it.

Of course no one should ever buy an animal as a pet and then animals would no longer be bred and captured in the wild to be put in pet shops. Welcoming an individual who needs a home into a loving family is a different matter and is a privilege not as so many seem to think a right, some sort of acquisition of property that can be dumped when the novelty has worn off.

Unfortunately, when it comes to prosecuting those who abuse and neglect animals the police and courts show a leniency which is no deterrent. This results in caring people being forced to risk imprisonment in order to help animals whom have grossly inadequate legal rights.


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