Yet more police bias

Anonymous wrote:

On 3rd July 2006 I received a phonecall from West Mercia police saying that there would be no charges or even a caution against Walter Bloom a man who hit 2 female hunt monitors in an unprovoked attack at a meet of the South Shropshire Hunt.

This was a minor incident in the scheme of things but did cause us to fear for our safety.

Furthermore the incident was caught on camera and he admitted that he had hit out. Later Wally decided to charge his horse into us risking the lives of all concerned.

The police and CPS decided that the assault was too minor to warrant any action and that he only “tapped” us. Of course if he had been an animal rights activist the “tap” would have been a serious assault, in fact he might well have been imprisoned.

Rather ironic that as one of the 2 people Walter Bloom hit that I received that phonecall on the same day 3 activists were told that they face a prison sentence following a heated argument with hunters.


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