Labour Government’s response to the Netcu Watch Letter to Blair

A letter was received from an anonymous member of staff in the Home Office and is as follows dated 19th July 2006 Reference T26710/6;

Dear [name witheld]

Thank you for your letter of 5 June to the prime Minister expressing your concern at measures to tackle animal rights extremism.

While the majority of the public accept the need for properly regulated animal research, some people believe strongly and sincerely that research and testing using animals should not be allowed. Nearly all of them make their views known through peaceful and legal protests (i.e. protests that are within the law). The Government respects and supports their right to do so, and will protect it. The Government also welcomes and encourages a debate on the place of animals in research and testing, and engages closely with animal welfare organisations who work within the UK’s democratic model.

But a small minority of individuals go beyond the law, using threatening and criminal tactics against lawful businesses, employees and their families. These tactics-employed against ordinary people-include intimidation outside business premises, death threats, threatening visits to the homes of researchers and their families, vandalism of cars and property, false accusations-e.g. of paedophilia- and very occasionally arson and attacks.

The government will not tolerate illegal activity of any kind. Accordingly it fully supports the police in tackling the small minority of animal rights extremists, and welcomes the sentences handed down to the four defendants jailed for a six-year campaign of terror against Darley Oaks guinea pig farm, which culminated in the desecration of a grandmother’s grave.

The Government is fully confident that the police will continue to permit lawful, peaceful protest wherever it takes place while rigorously enforcing the law when it is broken.

Yours sincerely
Direct Communications Unit

In other words the Government will:

*Listen to the constant whining from its chums in the vivisection industry catering to their every whim whilst ignoring anything the animal rights movement has to say.

*Assume that the public supports all animal testing regardless of how petty the reason.

*Support police officers who either do not understand the law or who actively choose to break it by violently attacking protestors, wrongfully arresting protestors or in other ways such as placing draconian conditions on demonstrations.

*Ignore any violence and threats against animal rights people including home visits in which the heads of rabbits are severed, attacks in which protestors are maimed and killed etc.

*Not tolerate illegal activity of any kind where animal rights people are concerned, but anyone else including police officers, hunters and vivisectors can do what they like cos they are above the law.

*Not bother to actually answer any questions asked concerning their very flawed policies and laws which are the death knell of democracy.


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