Thames Valley Police force activists to march

Saturday 23rd July 2006 saw demonstrators in Oxford remembering George an individual tortured to death by thugs at Oxford University.

Strangely activists trying to go home at the end of the day were violently grabbed by bullies (who were easily identified by their police uniform) and forced into their midst opposite Martyrs Memorial.

One campaigner who was waiting for a bus was seized and kicked repeatedly. The 30 police then screamed at their 10 captives that they were now part of a procession and subject to a section 12 order which meant that any attempt to leave the “protest” would lead to arrest.

Some activists tried to leave in order to go home but were pushed back into the police cordon and threatened with arrest. The forced march went to Keble Road where finally activists were permitted to leave.

Yet another example of police extremism and disgraceful behaviour!


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