Government document details measures to combat peaceful campaigning and crush democracy

Blair and co have released a diatribe against animal rights activists called “Protecting people from animal rights extremists: A progress report”.

This illustrates how much the present government detests anyone who questions it’s attack on liberty and on animals and the environment.

It also commends NETCU on arresting those who have held banners and handed out leaflets and just possibly has attempted to influence imminent trials. A reference is even made to how police are trying to eliminate letter writing campaigns and “pop-up” demos!

Writing a polite letter to Huntingdon Life Sciences asking them to desist from torturing innocent individuals is an action which is condemned by Tony Blair, thus he and his friends are openly attacking democracy.

It is the duty of all decent folk to seriously question ANYONE in public office who is attempting to lock up those who have peacefully protested and written polite letters regardless of views held on animal experimentation.

Even ‘Pro-test’ the pro vivisection pressure group appear uncomfortable with such assaults on civil liberties and of course anyone who wishes to peacefully protest or lobby on any issue could be at risk in the future.

Furthermore the government is stating by vilifying animal rights activists and condoning savage sentences that it regards actions (which at worst constitute property damage) as worse crimes than rape or child abuse.

We are outraged by this disgusting piece of pharma’ industry propaganda and condemn the failure of the government to answer our questions regarding what now constitutes legal protest against vivisection. A more detailed response will follow within the next few days.

You can access the “Protecting people from animal rights extremists: A progress report” document which is linked here


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