West Mercia Police fail to prosecute activist for peacefully attending a demonstration

A notice of discontinuance has been served on a case in which the police sought to prosecute an animal rights activist simply for being present on a peaceful demonstration outside the animal testing lab Sequani limited in Herefordshire.

First of all the police sought to argue that as houses were in the “vicinity” an occupant might feel “harassed” by people sitting on a grass verge with one old banner, then they argued that this behaviour was “anti social” and then one PC even made a statement saying that standing on land which is has no relation to Sequani and not even registered was “aggravated trespass”.

Of course the general idea is not to uphold the law but to stop legal protests regardless of the fact that thousands of pounds of tax payers money has gone into arresting and detaining the activist, investigating the “crime”, paying legal aid to the defence lawyers, paying CPS lawyers and now in investigating a complaint and a probable civil action against West Mercia police.

Meanwhile in Ledbury, Herefordshire those who get attacked and burgled will no doubt continue to wonder why the police do little to assist them.

Tony Blair will no doubt be proud!

(click here to read the defendant’s full statement)


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