Protecting big business comes first – nothing changes

Police are more concerned about protecting the arms dealers and torturers from the sight of placards than protecting ordinary people from murder.

Peter Woodham was shot last week in Canning Town and died in front of his fiancé and 3 year old child.

In January he was stabbed in the face, reportedly he had only asked a bunch of youngsters not to vandalise stuff.

News reports state that in January when he was attacked, possibly by the same thugs, the police did not even bother to take his clothes away for forensic analysis or follow up the people identified as his assailants by Peter, he even gave them addresses.

Possibly if those responsible had been stopped in January Peter Woodham would still be alive but of course the Met’ decided that he was not worthy of the protection of the law judging by the information relayed in the national press.

Now stabbing someone in the face is, in our humble opinion, a pretty serious crime but the Metropolitan Police clearly disagree. So what do they regard as worthy of their (indeed our) resources well errr outnumbering people who are extreme enough to believe that it is wrong to torture, maim and kill at the Arms fair.

Quoted in The Guardian (page 10, 26/8/2006) a local called Pat said

“The police are not around but when you get the arms fair (the weapons exhibition at the neighbouring ExCel centre) you see them all over the place”.

Another man said “stabbings aren’t reported because they are so frequent”.

Councillor Paul Scafer said, “What we need is for the police to do their job and at the moment they’re not. People don’t report crime because they know there’s going to be no attendance”.

We can only conclude that stabbing people is now regarded by the police in Canning Town as trivial and that you only get arrested if you do something serious such as campaign against those making money out of the blood and pain of other human beings. By the way banned electro shock weapons and leg irons were openly on sale at the arms fair and 4 million pounds of taxpayers money was squandered on curbing this peaceful protest in September 2005 .

May Peter Woodham rest in peace and his family get justice both against the murderers and senior police officers who allowed this to happen through their gross negligence.

The only reason the police and courts are tolerated by us is that they sometimes have their uses and do serve the public by for example apprehending a serial rapist. If someone suffers a serious assault, maybe by being stabbed in the face for instance, the police are supposed to act and to do their best to apprehend the assailants. When they refuse to bother people are left with no choice but to take the law into their own hands as a matter of survival. If it really is police policy to protect the sensibilities of arms dealers at the expense of the lives of ordinary folk (who paid that 4 million pounds through their council tax) then they should not be surprised when there are serious consequences.

Sadly Peter Woodham is only the tip of the iceberg of those subjected to horrific harassment and violence who find that the police simply are not interested.

Our advice to anyone who is the victim of serious crime, or fighting on behalf of a victim (who indeed may be a human or non-human) who gets an inadequate police/state response:

Say that you cut live animals apart for a living or sell weapons (for maximum effect say you do both and that you enjoy wearing fur), there will be helicopters, dogs, men wearing shades and all sorts of pretty blue lights, maybe even guns!

Be an absolute nuisance and complain repeatedly if the police refuse to deal with a serious matter.

Go to the press. Get your MP involved. See the Citizens Advice Bureau. Call the council.

Or if you get no joy as in the case of many who fight for the Earth and her children just deal with the matter yourself use direct action and team up with like minded individuals (using strictly legal methods of course!). Get your mates/neighbours together, talk to the person/s concerned, be compassionate and fair but make it clear that you will fight back. Sometimes this is the only thing that works.


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