West Mercia Police (yet again) attempt to crush any criticism of Sequani

Anonymous wrote:

I was charged 31st August 2006 under section 42 (7A) of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001.

This piece of legislation was brought in to stop “home demos” where activists would peacefully demonstrate at the homes of those with whom they had a grievance and was to make such protests unlawful.

Miners, anti paedophile campaigners, the suffragettes, environmentalists, animal rights people and a whole host of other diverse groups have used this as a tactic in the past but would now risk arrest and prison.

Of course activists protesting against circuses, for example, have been warned off by the police with this Act as the protest, however innocuous, is near the homes of the circus workers and so activists have been victimised with section 42 directions which means the protest ends, the protestor is not allowed in the vicinity for a period of time, often 7 days but up to 3 months, and will be arrested unless s/he does not leave immediately.

Blair and his chums decided to tighten up this law in the much maligned Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 so that a protestor falls foul if s/he is;

a) “present outside or in the vicinity of any premises that are used by any individual (“the resident”) as his dwelling”, or in other words if a protestor is near (and this is not defined, it could mean a mile, a hundred yards, anything!) ANY home.

b) That person is present there for the purpose (by his presence or otherwise) of representing to the resident or another individual (whether or not one who uses the premises as his dwelling), or of persuading the resident or such another individual- (i) that he should not do something that he is entitled or required to do; or (ii) that he should do something that he is not under any obligation to do”. Obviously the whole point of a demonstration, handing out leaflets, getting petitions signed concerns trying to influence people, could it possibly be that Blair is attempting to outlaw ALL protest?

c) “that person- (i) intends his presence to amount to the harassment of, or to cause alarm or distress, to the resident; and

d) the presence of that person- (i) amounts to the harassment of, or causes alarm or distress to any person falling within subsection (2); or (ii) is likely to result in the harassment of, or to cause alarm or distress to any such person”.

And thus there has to be some degree of harassment but who judges this prior to the court? The social inadequate in police uniform, or the outraged fur wearer who has decided they feel harassed when they hear of a demonstration half a mile from their flat? Of course this law is a vague, disgusting attempt to outlaw anything that disagrees with Blair’s policies and to imprison people for their political beliefs. For those who live in the centre of Oxford who are opposed to animal experiments this law could apply to any Pro-test demo using the same standards applied thus far to animal rights demonstrations.

Now in my case I was not even protesting but simply asking a police officer to identify himself on a layby. The nearest house was across a main road, behind a hedge and up a driveway. The nearby protest was focused against Sequani an animal torture facility and was not in any way directed against any dwelling or the local people. However West Mercia now believe that any demonstration “in the vicinity” of any dwelling could cause harassment. So by just being present outside a laboratory asking a PC for his number I was allegedly causing harassment to anyone who lives nearby according to the petty, narrow minded, bigoted thugs PS 3717 Jones (who charged me), PS Cripps (the maniac who violently arrested me), our silly little friend PC 29 (who just lurks about a lot) and the CPS (who decided to press charges).

I was told by the police that I have the right to protest legally but of course we no longer know what “legal” is it changes from minute to minute according to them. Quite clearly I was doing nothing illegal but will be subjected to months of bail conditions which even stop me going on holiday and court dates prior to being cleared. Holding a banner, handing out leaflets, wearing any T shirt with writing on it, even chatting whilst sitting on a grass verge have all resulted in arrest using the excuse that someone might just be “harassed”.

West Mercia police of late are a sick twisted farce who seek to ingratiate themselves with the torturers of animals at the expense of freedom of speech. They are beneath the contempt of anyone decent and will be fought every step of the way.

In court to enter a not guilty plea on Friday 8th September 2006 and there are bail conditions banning me from the area which is, of course, the whole point of the exercise, i.e to stop any peaceful protest against animal testing. West Mercia police are nothing more than lackeys of the vivisection industry . The only course of action is to recognise that they, the government and their hired thugs, are systematically dismantling what democracy we have and replacing it with a fascist regime. Time to fight back.


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