We do not intend to comment on all of them suffice to say that all is not harmonious in the pro-vivisection camp regarding the matter of how to deal with animal rights people.

For example Brendan O’Neill (left) questions rigorously the media and political hysteria surrounding direct action on behalf of animals and condemns the use of the word “terrorist” to describe such actions and the individuals who take part in such actions,

“What kind of “terrorist” cause between zero and seven “slight injuries” in any given year? Or fire fireworks rather than missiles?”

He is right, of course, NO-ONE has ever been killed by animal rights activists which makes us lag well behind Al Queda , the IRA, Fascist scum, ETA and so forth. Could it possibly be something to do with respect for ALL life and the aim of stopping the abuse without physically harming the abusers?

Brendan really does not like animal rights people. He even states that the people thus far killed in this struggle have somehow murdered themselves which is grossly inappropriate almost as though he can not possibly accept that animal abusers who spend their days battering and slashing innocent creatures are violent.

Of course we know better after being at the mercy of these maniacs and suggest that Brendan turns up incognito at a Circus demo or a hunt sab to get a rough idea of who wins the prize for sheer thuggery cos it won’t be us!!

He also suggests that the animal rights movement is in decline which is interesting in this current climate. If Bush and Blair are including the animal rights movement in their little chats whilst at war, with the climate in meltdown and all the other major world problems on the agenda, then either they are utterly incompetent (which I admit is a possibility!) or they have reason to be concerned. I think that our society is based on animal abuse and animals are tortured and killed on a whim and only a very thin veil hides this from the population.

Take the average person into a slaughterhouse, a battery unit or laboratory and show them, uncensored, what is done in their name and there will be outrage and if enough people recognise institutional abuse as an obscenity there will be a revolution. Animal rights people have been demonised to stop society asking itself some very important questions concerning diet, health, the environment, indeed the very civilisation in which we live.

I sat and watched Earthlings a couple of nights ago www.isawearthlings.com and was utterly sickened and ashamed to be human. Watching a dog put live into a dustcart to be shredded in Turkey, chilli peppers ground into the eyes of cows in India, pigs being boiled alive despite stunning and having their throats slit, dolphins hacked to death on a concrete floor in Japan and a fox being skinned alive in China made me feel as though we as a species no longer have the right to exist and unless we drastically change the world would be a richer place without us.

Of course it is not just those within the animal rights movement who are disgusted by the routine disregard, sadism, violence and hatred meted out against animals (or would be disgusted if exposed to such horror), and this is what is probably terrifying the establishment.

After all millions of vegans would decimate the meat, fish and dairy industries, furthermore veganism is not difficult and there are more and more nice products on the market every week. Even if the populous maintained that humans are “more important”, any basic consideration for animals would wipe out the pet industry, circuses, animals in sport and any animal tests which did not concern serious illnesses.

If the animal rights movement, environmentalists and human rights activists had equal access to resources and air time as those who pollute, kill and torture I suspect that people may choose to behave very differently. It is hard to imagine what sort of depraved monster would actually parade a coat made of individuals skinned alive if it actually had seen for itself what that entails, the sort of low life I should imagine which should be locked away from decent folk as opposed to being put forward as a role model!

Bush and Blair are trying to prevent ordinary people becoming aware of the fact that our lives are based on the most disgusting abuse which is why they think that we are a threat not because of “violence”. This is encouraging and indicates that although the movement is under attack that maybe people are becoming more aware and will one day act in greater numbers.

Animal abusers are right to be afraid of us stopping their violence and extremism but really they would still have decent fulfilling lives without torturing and murdering others. There is life after being a cruel and depraved freak!


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