NETCU lackeys of the vivisection industry!!

Six SHAC USA activists have been given prison sentences and fines for running a website, for more information and to support the six go to

Surprise, surprise NETCU are gloating again even though none of the 6 have done anything other than run a website and the fact that NETCU do not actually operate in the USA (or do they???).

NETCU informs us that their masters, “the pan-global biomedical research community watched with interest as sentences and fines were imposed by the US District Court Chief Judge , Anne E Thompson”.

NETCU also says something about “a campaign of terror”, which is an odd phrase as no-one was harmed but we are talking about vivisectors who are a dramatic and sensitive bunch.

“Terror” is a word which evokes images of death, destruction, maimed limbs, torture, murder, bombs, stuff like that. It also brings to mind what animals go through in laboratories and abattoirs and fur farms, NOT a few phone calls, pranks and a bit of paint on the front door.

I have received a few threats, been unlawfully arrested, been hospitalised by a police officer, had property stolen by the other side, etc so does that mean that I am the victim of a “campaign of terror” as well? Of course not, it would be an insult to all those who lost their lives or were permanently maimed on 9/11, 7/7, in Iraq, in Palestine, in Darfur, in Bosnia and every other mass atrocity which humans inflict on one another. In Darfur children are being torched and raped, peoples limbs are being hacked off, let us all get this into perspective.

Now if animal abusers are tortured and killed “campaign of terror” might be an accurate description. Until and if this ever happens the police should stop being such drama queens and the vivisectors should stop whining.

After all because animal rights activists are such nice people (and do not spend their time cutting up those who cannot fight back) it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever be harmed by our actions even though those who choose to cause property damage face greater penalties than those who maim, rape and kill.


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