Two animal rights activists have been convicted separately under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. Joseph Harris was sentenced to 3 years in prison and Madeline Buckler to 2 years.

NETCU, desperate to impress its bosses in the vivisection industry, have plonked an “aren’t we clever?” post on their site with all the sophistication of a puppy fetching her first stick, the only difference being that the puppy is adorable and NETCU are, well …not.

Two things spring to mind.

Firstly, according to newspaper reports Joseph caused about £25,000 of damage to property to companies linked to HLS, which I’d always thought was a little bit unlawful prior to 2005 and certainly assumed that if caught for such actions an activist could, just possibly, be charged with something called “Criminal Damage” and sent to prison, indeed people have been arrested for criminal damage after just leaning against a fence.

In fact many suffragettes spent time in prison after setting fire to things like mansions and pillar boxes and smashing anything they could get their hands on so if an animal rights activist had joined in 100 years ago the legislation in existence then would have sufficed for the purposes of the state.

The papers accused Madeline of sending hate mail to Darley Oaks farm which again as far as I was aware is also potentially illegal with activists having spent time in prison after conviction for this even if the letters were not hateful or threatening.

Therefore SOCPA is surplus to requirements, except that parts of it gives special privileges to those who abuse animals in laboratories and prioritises their every pathetic, insignificant, little grievance over and above actual crime.

Secondly, briefly looking at other sentences on google,(one thug got 3 years in prison for beating someone to death and then laughing over the corpse of his victim, killers, rapists and child abusers often get 3 years or less in prison.

This sends out the message that human life is far less important to the police, the government and the judiciary than the protection of the profits of multinationals.

Indeed SOCPA was not passed to stop caring people throwing paint over cars or smashing windows which were and remain illegal acts, it was passed to try and stop peaceful, legitimate protest on certain political issues.

A so called democracy where the police on the ground decide what people can and cannot protest about is a democracy not worth having. Already dimwitted and confused PCs are arresting protestors because someone might be offended by a certain viewpoint, pseudo legalspeak such as “you are not allowed to target companies” has been uttered and the police continue to strangle democracy with the utmost glee.

Before long it would appear that only demonstrations expressing views which support Government policies will be allowed to take place unhindered by threats, violence and arrest. Consequently people will be forced into underground direct action.


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