Anti-fur activists arrested for ‘harming an animal research organisation’!

On the afternoon of 30th September 2006 three anti-fur activists that were conducting a peaceful demonstration outside a gift shop in Gloucester (allegedly selling rabbit fur hats) were arrested under section 145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

Section 145 SOCPA 2005 makes it an offense to harm an animal research organisation.

The offence under s 145 is committed where a person, with the intention of harming an animal research organisation, either commits a crime or a tortious act causing loss or damage, or threatens someone that he or someone else will commit a crime or such an act in circumstances where the crime, tort or theft is intended or likely to cause another person to fail to perform a contractual obligation or to terminate a contract or to decide not to enter into a contract) with a third person.”

Now unless the Gloucester gift shop were engaging in the practise of vivisection in the back of their shop there really was NO reason at all for two police vans, one police car, seven uniformed officers and three plain-clothed officers to surround activists outside the gift shop and arrest them under the SOCPA legislation.

After spending just over four hours in Gloucester police station the three were released without charge after police finally figured out that they had unlawfully arrested the anti-fur activists using section 145 SOCPA.


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