“Orcs led by Gollum guard the gates of Mordor”

Orcs (police officers) led by Gollum (Steve Pearl) guard the gates of Mordor (companies which torture and kill animals, including humans).

Superintendent Steve Pearl aka Gollum (yes we know its personal but then so are police attacks against us and you have to admit there IS a resemblance with the ring/power/fish obsessed, cannibalistic hobbit) has got his beady little eyes on about 20 maybe 25 activists boasting that he has locked away “half of animal rights extremists” (the Sunday Telegraph 1st October 2006).

Knowing that Steve defines “extremist” as anyone who holds a banner and that he gets his coffee and donuts from HLS and their lawyers Tim Lawson-Cruttenden and co we just know that he might mean some of us. Although we are not privy to his hitlist at this exact moment we suspect that he wants to cover the land in darkness and initiate a police state where people are rounded up and imprisoned for political beliefs, after all he has made a good start!

Astonishingly he states;
“I want those who hold strong views to get back to lobbying and other acceptable protests in a free and democratic society” .


One where peaceful protestors have limbs broken by his thugs for simply being on a demonstration?

One where protestors who have just held banners outside a laboratory, or indeed a fur shop are violently abducted?

One where all activists are beaten up and killed by animal abusers and the police refuse to act?

One where some spineless laboratory worker whines that he feels harassed by an octogenarian at the gate gets his complaint prioritised over and above the victims of actual crime?

Blair and Pearl have made sure that NO protest is acceptable unless it supports the government SOCPA has ensured that the participants of ANY demonstration could result in arrest and prison, the sad thing is that the public and the sychophants in the media have not even noticed the death knell of democracy.

What Steve means is that protests against vivisection should be limited to an occasional letter to your MP and nothing more because even polite letters to companies have resulted in arrest.

The irony is that the activist who chooses to go out in the dead of night to cause property damage now risks arrest, (and possibly imprisonment) LESS than someone who attends a traditional peaceful protest so this disgusting repression could well backfire rather dramatically.

We can only carry on regardless and carry on fighting in the courts as we have a duty to do what is right for the animals and for liberty.


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