Victims of real crime left unattended by police

West Mercia Police squander hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money by prosecuting peaceful protesters whilst ignoring actual crime.

Taxi driver Muhammed Jamil was attacked in Malvern, Worcestershire on 7/10/06.

Three thugs attacked him leaving him unconscious and his taxi vandalised.

He regained consciousness and managed to get to Malvern police station where he was told to report the horrific crime the following day!

Quite probably several police cars were outside Sequani (there is now an almost permanent presence outside the lab’) just in case a security guard might have felt harassed by something.

The police simply could not be bothered with Mr Jamil because he was an ordinary person and they are now only interested in arresting people because of their beliefs and implementing a fascist state.

Just a few miles down the road in Worcester this week 11 activists were charged under SOCPA for the heinous crimes of standing holding banners whilst protesting against vivisection.

They could potentially each face 5 years in prison. According to West Mercia police peaceful protest is not only now unlawful but it is worse than beating someone to a pulp.

It is fair to say that the notion that we live in a democracy is now an utter fallacy, a belief held by naive fools.


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