East Sussex Police Ignore Blackmail Case

Apparently in East Sussex the very serious offence of blackmail is being ignored by the police.

Whilst Staffordshire Constabulary spent millions of tax-payers money on prosecuting people for running a campaign against murder and torture East Sussex really can not be bothered.

Kim Hodgson has not only lost her puppy Blue to what can only be described as vermin but is receiving threats that he will be harmed and that these scum will take the rest of her canine friends.

When reporting this to the police she was allegedly told “It’s just a dog” and left to her own devices. Although a phonecall to East Sussex police today resulted in being told that they were treating the case seriously clearly they are not taking it as seriously as rounding up anyone opposed to vivisection so it is unacceptable.

At least as much money and police time should be spent on this matter as it was on demonstrations at Shamrock farm anything less is a travesty and a clear invitation to caring people to stop relying on the police.

After all if East Sussex police find the piece of excrement what is responsible hanging from a tree after being caught by the outraged public they should not be too surprised. Although hurting these dognapping scum as much as they hurt their victims is indeed tempting it is more just and humane to use the criminal justice system but ONLY if the police and CPS do their utmost to enforce the law.

As 3 animal rights people are serving sentences of 12 years for blackmail and this case is obviously far more serious the public should be protected for much, much longer from dog nappers.

If the police fail to lock these filth up then they are clearly inviting vigilante action, regrettable but essential in order to stop this vile crime from escalating further.

Maybe when one of these vermin is seriously hurt or even killed when they pick on the wrong dog hopefully the police will shrug their shoulders and say “Ah well it’s only a piece of shit no point investigating”.


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