Sussex Police Jump In Bed With illegal hunt

Article taken from the cruelty exposed website

When Sussex Police attended the Crawley and Horsham hunt on Saturday 16th Dec.06 they read a briefing by a senior officer (The briefing almost certainly the work of Inspector Alan Chamber) which mentioned nothing about policing the Hunting Act.

When questioned about this, the reply from the police was: “That’s your job.”

Some police then jumped into a hunt steward landrover for the rest of the day and hid behind stickers bearing the words:” Felix the Fox says Fight the Ban”. They could be seen tucking into chocolates passed around by a hunt steward, and laughing and joking with the stewards.

We can reveal the Crawley and Horsham hunt are hunting illegally and admit to using “SAS style tactics” to try and prevent hunt monitors gathering evidence of the hunt’s criminal activity .

While some police forces have become pro-active in policing the Hunting Act, Sussex police have done little or nothing; and it can be almost guaranteed that if a pack of hounds chasing a fox ran past the police sitting behind Felix the Fox stickers, those officers would not get out of the vehicle – even if the hunt stewards allowed them.


The Crawley and Horsham hunt is led by foul mouthed woman beater, Jamie Hawksfield, who considers the police to be his “boys,” and were recently led by foul mouthed super yob, Kim Richardson who has “told everyone” anti hunt people are “fair game now.”

According to the police, last season, the Crawley and Horsham hunt received “more complaints of illegal hunting than any other hunt in the country” and is “the most expensive hunt to police in the country.”


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