Yet another case dropped in West Mercia

Anonymous wrote
Today 13th December 2006 the social inadequates of west Mercia police failed yet again to convict me for being present near a laboratory.

In the warped, sick, perverted little minds of the arresting officer Sergeant Stuart Cripps and his sidekick PC Jeffrey Jones it is now a crime to be anywhere near a torture centre such as Sequani as people in houses nearby just might feel harassed.

Still I suppose it is less risky attacking peaceful protestors than dealing with actual crime, after all dealing with violent assaults on ordinary folk might involve some element of risk!

Fortunately parliament still makes laws and not idiots who abuse their powers to fawn, bow and scrape before their masters in the animal abuse industries and thus the attempted prosecution for failing to comply with a police direction under section 42 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act failed miserably. Oh dear how embarrassing.

Of course the intention was initially to indulge in violence by putting me in an arm lock, arresting me unlawfully and then to stop me protesting legally by imposing ridiculous bail conditions for 5 months.

No doubt Sergeant Cripps will get a little pat on the head as he grovels on the floor before the vivisectors he so loyally serves, he might even get thrown a few crumbs before he abuses the rights of other citizens at their behest.

One thing is certain though this disgusting, amoral behaviour will be allowed to continue unchallenged and yet again the criminal justice system will have to pay out for their gross incompetence! Remember always claim expenses, a cheque no doubt will soon be on its way for travelling and other things.

Needless to say the Chief Constable of West Mercia who boasts an Oxford University degree (surely that’s not the reason why so many people are being rounded up just for protesting legally in this area? He wouldn’t be that petty would he?) will be contacted by my lawyers.


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