For immediate release: 6 Boat Lane update

Received from Lynn Sawyer

I have now signed an undertaking to abide by the current injunction sought by Huntingdon Life Sciences. This involves accepting draconian limits on peacefully protesting against HLS and not allowing SHAC to use my home address (6 Boat Lane, Evesham, WR114BP) as a campaign address after 31st January 2007.

HLS for their part will no longer pursue me for any costs and remove the freezing order on my house which means that, for me, this case is resolved and I will not lose my home. Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last 3 years.

The 6 Boat Lane address being used by SHAC was only a temporary arrangement in the first place and this turn of events will cause no hardship to the campaign. I understand that SHAC will be announcing the new address very shortly.

The choice to abide by the injunction was made in November 2004 when an undertaking was offered to HLS but which they declined as their main objective was to pursue me for costs. Since then ever more draconian limits on peaceful protest have surpassed injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Two years later the real winner here is HLS lawyer Tim Lawson-Cruttenden who has made a tidy profit from the HLS coffers as this case has dragged on and on (£400 per hour! And this includes waiting in court, travelling, etc).

Now HLS has finally decided to accept what I offered 2 years ago and I have the choice of either being tied up in legal proceedings for possibly the next year or using my energy to campaign. I choose the latter unreservedly and will consider my options, all of which include fighting animal abuse and the desecration of the environment, very carefully.

I did indeed have the right to fight them in court but this would have involved not just much more of my time and limited funds but those of other animal rights people as well as the wider activist community.

I do feel that it would have been inappropriate to, potentially, divert energy and resources from other campaigns and individuals on my particular case when there are so many other demands and far greater attacks on democracy.

HLS are not interested in obtaining relief from harassment they are just doing their utmost to stop ANY criticism of their vile activities which include killing 500 individuals EVERY day in painful and irrelevant experiments.

HLS are often lauded as a company which only carries out “medical” experiments when in fact as well as bodging up heart transplants on terrified wild caught baboons they also test food additives, fridge coolants, industrial chemicals, cleaning products, pesticides and other trivia.

Anyone who seriously believes that a sensitive, loving beagle should be poisoned just so that we can have yet another air freshener to give ourselves cancer with is so lacking in compassion and decency that they are dead inside.

Yes harassment does occur every day when these amoral creatures approach their innocent victims and inflict violence upon them. Their customer list reads like a rogue’s gallery of human rights abusing, environment hating, polluting thugs and bullies:

Monsanto, trying to get a monopoly on world food production, all round desecrators of the planet,

Shell, caused the murder of  Ken SaroWiwa and the subjugation of the Ogoni tribe in Nigeria which involved hacking the limbs off of children.

Bayer “purchased” (700 RM each) Jewish women to experiment on in Nazi Germany. Also manufactured Zyclon B which gassed to death millions. More recently poisoned students in Edinburgh in a pesticide trial 1998-2000.

Dupont, manufactured benomyl a pesticide which caused 140 UK children to be born without eyes.

Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals, Bhopal where thousands died due to their incompetence and still no effort has been made to make amends to the survivors who live in hell 20 years on.

These are a few of HLS’s bed fellows and they still portray themselves as an entity which puts human welfare first. It is utterly laughable albeit tragic.

The animal rights movement has never lowered itself to the levels of violence indulged in by HLS workers and for HLS workers to claim, as they did, that they felt harassed by me as I lay on the A1 covered in blood and with my leg smashed to a pulp after being attacked by PC Manton is nothing short of despicable and pathetic.

In fact one brave woman who came forward as a witness (she is not an animal rights activist and did not approve of the action) was repeatedly harassed at home by persons unknown and stopped by police repeatedly in her car just for doing her civic duty. In stark contrast to the advice given to HLS workers she was, reportedly, told by the Inspector running the investigation that it may be safer if she did not testify!

HLS no doubt will try and portray this development as some sort of victory in order to soothe hysterical investors, but in truth they gleefully boasted that they were going to get my property over 2 years ago.

They failed despite paying Mr Lawson-Cruttenden obscene amounts of money, despite their friends in government and despite having Cambridgeshire police as their own private security force. Furthermore the vivisectors and the police have also failed to:

Get me struck off the NMC register as a nurse and a midwife.

Intimidate me by sending me gardening catalogues (very handy…thanks), an unwanted pizza and the occasional threat.

Humiliate me by unlawfully and forcibly strip searching me (which led to the Met’ having to compensate me).

Convict me by arresting me illegally and repeatedly, (again having to compensate me for their incestuous relationship with the vivisection industry).

There is no room for complacency when it comes to the levels of violence and intimidation the police and their chums in the animal abuse industries will resort to in order to stop activists from protecting the vulnerable but often they fail miserably and their plans are oft thwarted by the courage and sheer determination of their would be victims.

Though I am aware that the opposition will try all manner of dirty tricks on activists, one thing is for certain and that is that if we all continue to fight back in whatever way we can (using legal means, of course) and refuse to be intimidated that we will win.

Indeed it is our duty to continue whatever the state may throw at us. The arrogant assumption that our species wants and demands are worth more than life itself and indeed the planet on which we depend is leading us to a nightmare future. In fact for me the nightmare exists already every time I see a transporter full of sheep, a mink coat, some idiot carelessly dropping their rubbish, or the earth ripped up as a sacrifice for yet more concrete.

We humans behave not as semi divine beings benevolently passing our time on the earth with compassion and justice but as though we are a bunch of really precocious 2 year olds ever wanting more sweets and toys without consideration or respect for anything other than our despicable greed.

Despite the fact that the one thing that is unique to our species i.e the capacity to abuse others by torture, slavery, sexual abuse ad infinitum we seem to have no shame. There are predators such as sharks and tigers who appear cruel,  but they do not indulge in activities such as rounding up thousands of their contemporaries and then actively torturing them like humans (who are supposed to know better) do almost routinely.

Maybe one day as a species we will not recklessly endanger every ecosystem we come into contact with, or kill or hurt any other sentient creature unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e self defence, euthanasia, or other in extremis situation), just maybe we might behave in a moral way but until then we are nothing more than a killer ape whose numbers have reached plague proportions.

We have no right to even pretend that our lives are of more import than those we look down upon. It is up to the animal rights movement to bring a little humility to the grandiose belief in the superiority of the human being and drag our species into a new era which respects all lifeforms and co-exists rather than exploits to destruction.

We are challenging some very powerful people and threatening to stop their disgusting antics, no wonder they are very annoyed and throwing tantrums at the very notion of humans not being allowed to defile the earth and abuse animals.

Whilst it is a relief that this case is finally resolved and HLS have clearly lost in their attempt to acquire my home this was a close matter. No doubt both sides have learnt from this and those who violate the Earth and her inhabitants may use this tactic on others who oppose them in the future.

As yet no corporation has gained possession of an activist home, they have tried many times before but this time they were closer to succeeding. I implore all activists not to be fearful but to incorporate the protection of current and future assets into any security arrangements.

The safest are those who have nothing to lose.

Contact 0845 337 2969 for more info


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