Ultra invasive technology being prepared

Breakdown of article posted on the Indymedia website

Microwave beacons are being installed on 150,000 lamposts to allow fixed cameras, and hand held scanners, to both see through your clothing and see through the walls of your house.

The police will then store the 3D images in a central database. Of course, it is still illegal to walk around nude as this would take the fun out of it for them – not so much a case for tin-foil hats but for tin-foil underwear.

Although developed in the US a lot of the development work is being done in the UK and of course is going to be the most widely implemented in the UK since we are all enemies of the state.

The relevant patents are held by or developed for the Secretary of State for Defence but the lamppost beacons are being implemented by The National Roads Telecommunications Services Project for the Department of Transport.

The larger version of the device, about the size of a shoebox, can be mounted on a patrol car, displaying the image on a monitor inside the vehicle. The smaller, battery-operated version is hand-held, like a radar gun.

Plans to test the device on the streets are in full swing, despite the serious Constitutional issues of illegal search and seizure.

Police must have reasonable suspicion to justify frisking a subject; the Millimetrix device is designed for efficient mass surveillance. A police officer can aim the hand-held unit into a crowd up to 90 feet away.

The device can even be used outside a room to scan individuals inside. But don’t worry — Millimetrix points out that although the imager can see through clothing, it still leaves citizens “some privacy” and “does not reveal intimate anatomical details of the person.”


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