Netcu continue their campaign against democracy

Steve Pearl apparently wants to criminalise protest against the farming of animals according to the Telegraph.

Reference was made by him to demonstrations against foie gras (an obscene method of cruelty whereby ducks and geese are force fed) which he intimated were unlawful.

To our knowledge there have been no illegal acts against the foie gras industry recently. There have, however, been many demonstrations outside restaurants which serve foie gras and leaflets have been handed out. Why exactly this is anything to do with a supposedly senior officer is anyone’s guess but could it be that Pearl wants to stop ALL protest? We think so.

Furthermore as vegans we oppose animal farming and wish to see it eradicated, we have no criticism for those brave souls who liberate animals and cause economic sabotage. For any angry farmers reading this if you exclusively grow vegetable crops for food and clothing, strive towards organic standards, look after the earth and the wild creatures who live on your farm then we have the utmost respect for you and will support you. In fact buying from local farmers and ignoring Tesco’s is something we should all do as much as possible.

None of us is opposed to agriculture/ gardening just as none of us is opposed to the NHS, we simply do not accept that other animals are inferior or things to be killed and abused for any reason. We are very glad that there are people who work very hard to feed us but do not accept the farming of animals as anything other than cruel to the creatures concerned and wasteful of resources.

Farmers will, no doubt, prefer to see animal liberationists running off with battery hens than the hordes of organised illegal coursers, fly tippers, some hunts and other lowlife which my contacts tell us are making the lives of country people hell, with little or no police response.

Local farmers have told us that agricultural machinery is stolen and the police do not even try to solve the crime. What scares us is that organised gangs are now targeting gamekeepers with a view to taking soft mouthed gundogs ideal so our sources say for putting in a skip to be savaged to death by pit-bull terriers. The fact that even gamekeepers with big guns and an attitude to match are now no deterrent and have even been shot at is not exactly a good indication of a crime free rural idyll .

These armed gangs strangely enough have not provoked Pearl’s indignation. It would seem that respecting all life and liberating chickens or at worst torching a lorry/building (with no-one at risk) are “extreme”, forming an armed gang and shooting people is not!

We presume that the police find the armed gangs too dangerous to deal with, maybe they think to themselves by targeting animal rights people (who have as yet never used firearms, not even in Pycroft’s wildest fantasy) they might keep the countryside lobby happy whilst not dealing with any really scary people.

The fact that the vast majority of animal rights protests involve holding banners or filming the appalling conditions in factory farms (often exposing illegal conditions) makes Pearl’s comments highly inappropriate.


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