Leafleting: Anti-Social Behaviour?

During May 07 a lone female anti-fur protestor had been peacefully handing out leaflets that exposed the fur trade outside a shop which at the time was selling rabbit fur scarves in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

The protestor was approached by two shopping centre security guards who shouted at her to “get a life” who then proceeded to kick her bag which was at her feet.

West Mercia police arrived on the scene only to demand the protestor’s details under *Section 50 by claiming that she had been acting ‘anti-socially’. Police then frog marched the lone protestor out of the shopping centre warning her not to return.

The protestor is considering taking the appropriate legal action against police and the security company involved.

Leafleting is an extremely social act where one gets to meet and inform others in the community of campaigns that the general public may be willing to take up in their own lives. New friends and allies can made whilst out on the streets sharing information.

The above case has proven that the police (by twisting this social act and turning it into a supposed anti-social act in the eyes of the state) have exposed their fear of communities uniting in a common cause brought on by the simple dissemination of information..

*Section 50 Police Reform Act 2002 – This makes it an offence to refuse to give your name and address to a police officer, where the officer reasonably suspects that you have engaged in “anti-social behaviour”.


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  1. theres two sides to everystory, she was on private property the security guard wins!

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