Climate Camp 2007 Sipson Lane

It might be presumed that as entire neighbourhoods are now subject to mob rule the police might have had other priorities but oh no they decided in their wisdom to outnumber climate change activists many of whom were young children or elderly.

The attempts to bully those attending the camp by searching repeatedly, shining lights on people in their tents and all in all treating those foolish enough to be of the opinion that climate change is a problem like terrorists failed miserably.

Many police officers were polite enough and had the decency to look uncomfortable in the role they were ordered to play but others (as has been reported elsewhere) attacked and wounded activists. Suffice to say despite a ridiculously over the top police operation activists did lay siege to BAA HQ for 24 hours.

One policewoman who searched me kindly told me that BAA had contributed financially to the 4 forces involved.

The camp was a credit to those who set it up, well organised, inclusive and safe. Those involved must be utterly exhausted and I hope are taking a break to recover. The liaison with the local people of Sipson, Harmondsworth and Harlington was also commendable.

One local man who buried his daughter who died of respiratory problems linked to Heathrow airport pollution lives with the agony of the certainty that if the runway goes ahead her grave will be dug up and her body removed along with the deceased of 3 graveyards. The Gladys Hammond affair pales into insignificance in comparison to what BAA are planning!!

The government and their chums at BAA are prepared to stoop to any level to make money, ‘choice’ is often mentioned by these sick apologists for climate meltdown i.e. that the right of someone to buy runner beans from Kenya overrides the right of others to clean air and other niceties such as having the house that you have lived in all your life demolished, or being killed by disasters caused by climate change.

The attempt to use the Protection from Harassment Act against concerned citizens to “protect” the delicate little flowers of BAA from suffering any criticism also seems to have backfired. I am just fascinated by the fact that if I do something such as an office occupation against BAA I might face at worst a fine, if I do the same action against a supplier of a laboratory under SOCPA I could spend 5 years in prison.

The handwringing over the abuse of civil liberties in the liberal press is quite frankly nauseating when no journalist to my knowledge bothered to question the savage sentences handed out to animal rights campaigners for example 12 years for being involved in a campaign against Darley Oaks guinea pig breeding farm, or SOCPA, or the abuse of the Protection from Harassment Act when used against animal rights people.

Maybe when environmental campaigners are rounded up and charged with Conspiracy to Blackmail and face 14 years in prison people might just question what they are told by rabid columnists and sensationalist news stories.

The government and their lackeys in the media and the police have peddled the most appalling lies about animal rights people, passed draconian laws and activists are facing years in prison for offences which would have resulted in, at worst, a fine for anyone else.

The state must not be allowed to do likewise with other campaigns.


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