Insufficient Evidence Of Intent

Three animal activists recently appeared at Chester Crown Court to appeal an earlier conviction under Section 4 of the public order Act 1986.

In October 2006 the group of activists were protesting at Storrar Vets Practice in Chester. Storrar Vets Practice are the vet’s for Little Creek Quarantine Kennels who quarantine imported animals destined to suffer and die in torture labs around the UK.

Police officers from Cheshire Constabulary were called to the protest and arrested three women who were showing a banner that said ‘This vet supports animal torture’.

All three women were charged and convicted of displaying a visible representation [a banner] which officers deemed to be “threatening, abusive or insulting thereby causing alarm, harassment or distress”.

The appeals were upheld and all three activists were acquitted.

Mr Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones who was the judge during the appeal said there was insufficient evidence to satisfy terms of the Public Order Act 1986 and insufficient evidence of intent.


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