5 People Arrested For Karaoke!

Smash EDO Press Release 10th October 2007.

Police arrested 5 people during a peaceful demonstration outside a Brighton-based arms manufacturer today.

Thirty people turned out to demonstrate against the factory during a themed ‘Bad Karaoke’ demonstration. Over 40 police were present.

The police used a local byelaw to seize the karaoke machine and arrested 5 people, during a rendition of “We are the champions” one of them aged only 16. Although members of a BBC film crew were present this did not stop the police from aggressively arresting 3 more people. Police then surrounded protesters and pushed them away from the site of their regular Wednesday demonstrations to the bottom of the road.

Sarah Johnson said “We have been protesting outside this factory for four years. This is the most heavy handed policing we’ve seen outside this factory in over two years. Arms dealers EDO have used Sussex police as their rotweillers before and their efforts have ended in failure and humiliation for the company. This is a desperate act by a failing company. The community has shown time and again that this aggression will not silence us. We will continue to protest against EDO until it has been shut down.”

Press Contact Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson 07875 708873

External link to the video of the karaoke action here (109 Mb)


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