NETCU backtrack in brown nosing with vivisectors shock

NETCU have stopped promoting pro-vivisection groups and multinationals on their links page.

Whilst we are glad that they are no longer so utterly blatant about their enthusiasm for ingratiating themselves with animal torturers we also remain utterly bemused by the fact that it has taken so long for supposedly impartial so-called professionals to do the decent thing and confine their depraved views to the darker recesses of their souls.

Linking to the Research Defence Society an organisation which even promotes cosmetic testing and the “people’s petition” which called for support for vivisection was utterly corrupt and inappropriate for a police website.

The link to “Victims of Animal Rights Extremism” remains intact however but it is pretty dull, boring and hysterical it still demonstrates bias though.


One Response

  1. Victims of Animal Rights Extremism?!?
    That must be a pretty small club!

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