Shac Watch – Seriously… No Seriously…

SHAC WATCHIt has come to our attention that this site is up and they want nice people who try to stop torture and murder locked up “until all are caged”. Whoever wrote this is not very nice and is pretty rubbish at designing websites to boot. What is all the wheat grass all about? We at NW are intrigued. Anyway we’ve got this really good lawn mower and we’re gonna mash up that silly lawn of theirs ha ha ha (just joking Steve). Anyway if anyone from SHAC watch is reading this some of us are really angry that we’ve been left out of the photos and if we are really honest with one another really hurt deep inside. We may even need counseling. Would it help if we posted our CVs with photos?

This just in…
Shac Watch using the Internet as a research tool (technology huh?) have managed to glean information on one of the WARN activists after we posted some praise on their site.  They, using what we can only assume is a key board typed in the Words “Chris” and “Western Animal Rights Network” and BAM we were exposed, they even had the audacity to post the WARN phone number which they could have done using the “Copy and Paste function” on the WARN contact page.

WARN Press Release – 19 March 2008
We at WARN were shocked to hear of this breech of our strict security precautions but feel that no amount of balaclavage (< New word for the Oxford Dictionary) could have prevented the exposure of the activists contact information from being viewed on the internet after we inadvertently made it publicly available in various press releases into the public domain. We ask that anyone who has seen the contact information on the Shac Watch please forget what you have seen, in other words “you ain’t seen us, right?”

Check em out for some serious laughs… Just don’t mention the wheat grass 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Shac Watch….with no valid or credible argument they have to resort to name calling, posting stupid comments such as “fat” or “ginger” to describe SHAC activists.
    PS Please forget that you saw this comment and PLEASE do not tell ANYONE that it’s me doing this London Against Camden Danger Lab thing. I mean it, tell NO-ONE!

  2. […] June 17, 2008 · No Comments We love the editor(s) over at Shac Watch so much that we thought we might do a little follow up on the previous Shac Watch, Really, No Really article. […]

  3. Pretty lame site…They are just ignorant people doing ignorant things.

  4. SHACWATCH is done by someone who has no idea at all about HLS. HLS are a disgusting company that have broken the law, the Good Lab Practice, were caught on Channel 4 punching puppies, pretending to have sex with dogs and falsifying test data.
    How on earth can anyone want to see the SHAC people in jail?
    HLS should be shut down. It should be shut down using the law but it seems that they the law are not on the side of the law …but are on the side of HLS.

  5. We saw this in Northern Ireland – criminalize th enemy. Wonder how many of Shacwatch have wee shoulder badges with PC 49 on them?

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