5th March 2008

I was alone at home on the night of Thursday 7th November 2007 and on the phone to a friend when I heard something being delivered in my porch. I went to investigate and found 4 letters from Fidelity International addressed to 3 other people and SHAC. As I returned to my front room I was aware of a flash and when I looked through the window 2 men were staring at me, one was short, slightly plump and bald, both wore sunglasses which was odd as it was 19.10 and very dark. They ran into the darkness from whence they came and obviously wanted to try and intimidate me by concealing their identity. I had no opportunity to tell them that they had got the wrong address. I phoned the police a few minutes later to report this incident especially as until 4 years ago in spite of the fact that I had never even heard of Fidelity they obtained a Protection from Harassment Act injunction against me, I was forced into an undertaking or else my home would have been at risk from court costs. I consider this to be an act of attempted intimidation because of my beliefs and consider that Fidelity are actually harassing me. I certainly have not been outside the house of any Fidelity employee photographing them through their front windows.

Furthermore I it is not my responsibility to serve these papers and therefore they have not been received by those they were addressed to. As they are legal papers I have burnt them so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

I left a message on …. and someone called John called back the next day and left a message saying he had no idea what the injunction was about.

On Monday 11th February 2008 I spoke to Peter at Fidelity who had no idea about any injunction, harassment or SHAC . When I spoke to the switch board they were also somewhat bemused hardly the reaction of a company laid siege to a campaign of harassment. Pc Robbins (West Mercia police) kindly also phoned them and Peter promised to investigate this matter.

The papers I noted were from Burnenn solicitors based at 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, (only found after several phone calls as they did not bother with supplying an address or contact number). I spoke to Claire on 12th Feb 2008 who was also looking into this matter.

Today due to the fact that neither Claire nor Peter had been in touch I rang them again today. Claire told me that she had sent off an email requesting details and that no-one had responded. I left a message on Peter’s phone.

Today I also spoke to a court official who told me that I should have returned the papers although there was no return address and the 2 thuggish process servers ran into the night. I wish it to be known to the court that Fidelity and their solicitors have abused the law in order to try and intimidate and threaten and that these papers have not in any way been served on the defendants. I also wish to complain about their underhand behaviour and gross incompetence.

Yours Faithfully

Lynn Sawyer

The General Department,

Court of Session,
Parliament House,
Parliament Square,

Update 14th April 2008

Neither Fidelity, Burnnen solicitors or the Edinburgh High Court have bothered to contact me. I must admit I am not exactly too bothered about my enemies turning up and trying to photograph me, after all as (when they were legal) home demonstrations were common and consisted of standing outside someones’s house with banners and often megaphones. What sickens me is the hypocrisy of these people. If it is morally acceptable to come to me at home and photograph me do not whine if animal rights activists do the same to vivisectors. The reason I have complained is that an animal rights person turning up at a Fidelity worker’s house taking photos would face prison as opposed to indifference. The police are not even bothering to investigate the same “crime” when perpetrated by animal abusers. Another case of large corporations getting preferential treatment.

Update 12th May 2008

Still no-one has bothered to contact me. I think therefore it’s official Fidelity International have no problem with men turning up outside the homes of lone females and photographing them. If animal rights activists were to do this to an employee of Fidelity (NOT advised) then Fidelity would be hypocrites to complain!


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