Power station shut down: Netcu lying or Kent police lying?

From the NETCU site:

“Fifty arrested during river rescue and scuffles – but protesters fail to close down power station

Around 50 people were arrested in disturbances today as climate camp protesters attempted to carry out their threat to break into Kingsnorth Power Station, near Hoo.”

So if the power station wasn’t closed down how was it functioning without cooling system? Check out the police charge sheet below for some more larfs…

With the dropping of the NETCU handbook and now this blunder how long before Pearl, Skivens, Bacon and co are looking for new jobs…

NETCU Refused to comment on above article…


One Response

  1. From the Messenger Blog:-

    An E.ON source tells us that protesters did indeed succeed in getting a pump switched off, but that there were another three to choose from.

    Meantime, you know how we, the national press, the police and Campers all said protesters chained themselves to the gates of Kingsnorth. Well, as it turns out, that wasn’t technically true. It was in fact the entrance to the neighbouring industrial estate. The main gates of Kingsnorth are located a few hundred yards away.

    So – mystery solved. Enough to charge but no actual disruption!

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