What exactly are the police and criminal justice system for?

What exactly are the police and criminal justice system for?

Two different things have happened in the last few  weeks. One made national headlines, one made no headlines, both are connected.

First of all Sean Kirtley was released after spending nearly a year and a half in prison. He was released by the High Court after a legal fiasco which saw upwards of 5 million pounds being spent on curbing peaceful protest outside Sequani, Ledbury, Herefordshire. The police, the CPS and the judiciary wanted no expense spared on hounding 12 animal rights protestors when the very worst of their dark deeds was the breaking of one window, by accident, by one of them, who admitted it . 1 pleaded guilty after being threatened with prison, 5 were found not guilty, 6 had all charges dropped, Sean was found guilty of conspiracy to commit a breach of 145 SOCPA and was sentenced to 4 ½ years and then a 5 year CRASBO, i.e an effective 9 ½ year sentence. He did not break the window. Staff at Sequani  are protected by  fences and security, they outnumber protestors  often 100 to 1, they have not had home demos for over 10 years all protests were at places of work and were peaceful. The police decided that they needed full protection. Sean’s release and complete exoneration have not been in the news at all apart from activist media.

Different part of the country Bardon Road, Barwell, Leicestershire. At about the same time doors were being  smashed all over the UK to round up animal rights activists Fiona Pilkington is desperate to stop herself, her disabled daughter and her son being cruelly abused so desperate she torched herself and her daughter. You see when a vivisector sees a banner that is terrorism, when a gang of thugs beat a boy unconscious, and target a family mercilessly because of a medical problem that is “anti social behaviour” and apparently nothing to do with the police. Of course we only have the papers to rely on here( and they are hardly trustworthy) but even if a fraction of what we read is true the police would not or could not protect this family.

So what are they for? The short answer is to control dissent, to protect the powerful, Fiona Pilkington was vulnerable so she did not qualify for help, Sequani are a big corporation and they not only qualify for help but sychophancy from the very highest ranks of West Mercia, the CPS and Judge Ross.

It would be very unfair to the police not to recognise the very hard and dangerous work they often do, even from an anarchist perspective. Also to be really fair as well as being violent to me  their presence has also stopped me from being really badly hurt by animal abusers it is all very complicated. They (along with the fire and ambulance services) sort out car crashes, they gently question the victims of child abuse to catch the abusers, they save lives and do many amazing things. But they also as an institution try to crush anyone taking responsibility for their own communities and planet whilst ignoring crimes which are now allowing other oppressors to control the lives of ordinary folk and I include some large companies and CEOs as well as much maligned gangs. If the arrangement with the police is that they will deal with whoever has smashed up an elderly persons house, or scum dog fighting in the park that is one thing, if they cannot or will not the least they can do is get out of the way and allow communities to sort out their own problems using direct action without sanction.





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  1. “It would be very unfair to the police not to recognise the very hard and dangerous work they often do, even from an anarchist perspective”

    Fucking bullshit. I’m incensed. Anarchists have opposed the idea of ‘police’ for centuries and when one gets fucked we smile. Get real and rub your bullshit out.

  2. Fair enough comment, but no need to get incensed. My point was simply that the police do stuff that is important and which would have to be taken over by others in an anarchist society. I do not have any answers myself as to who will take over clearing up after, car crashes, investigating murders and rapes etc. I am genuinely interested in what solutions others may have for sorting out problems which would be faced by any future society. I am interested in what suggestions you have. I do not like what the police stand for or how they oppress many groups but I do believe in giving credit where it is due e.g if a PC rescues a child from a burning car or stops someone getting a beating.
    I think we agree that the police are a bad thing in general. If however we want rid, we have to work out how we as independant communities are going to take responsiblity for the crap that they currently deal with(or even don’t bother dealing with) which will still exist to some extent however idyllic any future society might be.

  3. Anarchists will represent during action not bullshit.

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