This will be of interest to anyone who is interested in laboratories wherein animals are tortured and appears to refer to security around the Oxford University lab when it was being built. Note that they see a spread of direct action across the globe and solidarity across movements as a threat.


We all know that the police are usually biased against activists, that NETCU exists to stop all effective protest, that dark deals are done behind closed doors between senior officers and corporations. However to some extent at least the police are accountable, we can complain, we can sue for wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution and assault, we can monitor their activities, some of them even abhor what we protest against. Not so the companies getting in on the act of trying to rid the world of grass roots activism or making a killing by pretending to.

Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden has made millions out of luring unsuspecting evil companies into the promise of a future without nasty activists embarrassing them. The sight of him and Superintendant Pearl sitting together in court whispering sweet nothings to one another clearly sent home the message that NETCU was nothing more than HLS’s obedient and subservient slave. TLC of course screwed up a few injunctions and badly losing corporations and one fox hunt hundreds of thousands of pounds for minimal gain.

Probably linked to TLC and indeed NETCU (and we are speculating a bit here) are private security companies promising all sorts to large corporations and individuals for lots of money. They are promising things such as information on activists and scaring the living snot out of any company who might be questioned about dubious amoral activities.

Black Chrysalis is trying to launch itself right now based upon the Walter Mitty wannabe Adrian Radford’s “infiltration of the ALF”. Apparently 44 dead hard ex army types are poised and ready to follow activists around, carry out surveillance, do counter surveillance stuff and “protect” celebrities as well as big bad companies. It would appear that what they want to do (and may already be attempting) is to get a data base on activists and even sell such data, photos, etc to anyone who gives them money. Undermining them, causing as much embarrassment as possible, exposing links with the police might be a good way of dealing with this lot. The book “target ALF” is apparently coming out soon in which Radford will no doubt boast that he as “number 3” in the UK was at the hub of the ALF “leadership”. Well sorry dearie the ALF is a concept, an idea, it is not elitist, it is not hierarchical it depends on individuals working alone or in small groups and AUTONOMOUSLY to help abused animals, there is no leadership but you can pretend to have been 3rd in line to some mythical throne if you want, you can persuade big corporations that the ALF can be beheaded, you will be doing the brave activists who liberate animals and cause economic sabotage to those who abuse sentient beings human and non human and the Earth a massive favour. Just who is the “leader” in Mexico right now Adrian? Those admirable and courageous activists have the sense not to do anything but underground activity as such they are inpenetrable, or are you going to pretend that you could “infiltrate” the Mexican ALF too? What is happening in Mexico (to those who are not aware even police stations are not immune from the wrath of the arsonist) is the inevitable result of suppressing liberty and the right to protest…enjoy.

Then we come to Agenda a company who is concerned with screening not just for animal rights and environmental activists who may wish to work undercover but  for those with the “wrong attitude” and immigrants. Their wording is chilling , HCCA  “one of the nation’s largest nurse placement firms” were having problems with nurses with “attitude problems” and Agenda did its utmost to weed out such nurses. Of course if a nurse’s “attitude problem” is that s/he is an aspiring Beverley Allitt, or lazy, or drunk on duty, etc then fine, but I suspect that Agenda and HCCA meant that by “attitude problem” that nurses were possibly quite rightly questioning and challenging bad practice. Alas Agenda do not enlighten us but reading the Axiometrics case study left me as a nurse feeling that private companies were interfering with professional judgement which gravely concerns me especially as Agenda it would appear have designs on the NHS and may get a contract to screen potential  and existing NHS employees. What if they decide belonging to a trade union, whistle blowing, or attending a demo is proof of an “attitude problem”? In the post Ian Huntley hysteria enhanced CRB checks are taking a very long time and now not only do more and more occupations demand such checks but checks are being made on current employees. Furthermore  a CRB record could include information about a person which does not necessarily limit itself to convictions and cautions (yes cautions do stay with you for life, NEVER accept one unless you really know what you are doing and you already have convictions of a criminal kind).

On the horizon is the Independant Safeguarding Authority a quang

Agenda  boast ISIS “Information Security Investigation System”:

“Whether the need is for a simple one-of check, a basic or probity screening, a Criminal Record Bureau check or a fully comprehensive or executive screening package, Agenda Security Services have developed a process which takes care of it all”.

Of course the Independent Safeguarding Authority are also looming on the horizon . Anyone who may be in repeated close proximity to anyone else under 18 or a “vulnerable” adult beware, you may need to apply for certification for the privilege. Will Agenda and similar companies get their fangs into this as well in some way?

They also  have an affiliations check“ This check includes a full internet mining search (over a billion web pages and chat rooms searched). We also use our own Animal Rights Connections (ARC) database for those clients concerned about animal rights extremism and we can also check the Sanctions database, which is used by the Bank of England to identify terrorist affiliations. This check can be customised to include political affiliations too”.

And so employees are to be judged on their political beliefs by a private company set to “mine” the internet and report back to employers (they offer an annual Affiliations Check as well) if  an employee has for example written a letter to the local paper. To do this Agenda use their “Guardian” programme which monitors search engines etc. They also offer “One off reports -Full intelligence gathering against agreed perimeters” and :

“Animal Rights Intelligence and Analysis-Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of animal rights activity in relation to your organisation, key people, suppliers and other stakeholders. This report also monitors the animal extremist movement environment and provides updates on activity”.

Hmmm. So presumably they have files on a few of us then and are therefore making money by selling information. Cheeky sods!!! They deny having any information about me whatsoever following a Data Protection Act request. In the meantime if I worked somewhere where I was under constant scrutiny, where a private company was constantly trying to find fault with my beliefs and expose me as an illegal immigrant I would be really pissed off. Agenda are helping to create a climate of fear within the workplace for those with the capacity to speak out against wrongdoing, those with political beliefs and those who are most vulnerable employees who are not British citizens. All in all they promise to rid employers of infiltrating activists, “illegal immigrants”, those with the “wrong attitude” and those who have certain political beliefs. Agenda are the enemy of all who cherish a free and fair society and should be seen as such. It is not too fanciful to imagine retired or practicing (or indeed both) police personnel playing some role in the intelligence gathering promised by Agenda. After all TLC and HLS had information about activists which could only have come from a police source.

Agenda have a nice little earner in security courses for example what to do if PETA ring up! (no I’m not joking).Sadly they have taken all the details down from their site but they are IAT (Institute of Animal Technicians) Accredited courses and a big conference was planned in Germany  8-9th September 2009

“International Securing Research conference- From Intelligence Gathering to Facility Security and from Perimeter Protection to people policies, if you have an interest in research facilty security this conference is a must attend event”.

Agenda were spawned from the vivisection industry notably a cesspit near Hull called Bantin and Kingman who continue to breed mice, rats, beagles etc for a short, pitiful life and violent death in laboratories in the UK and overseas. In fact they share a PO Box with The Institute of Animal Technicians ie PO Box 24, Hull, HU128YJ and also have an office in Cambridge. They recruit heavily for the labs but are clearly spreading their wings into other areas.

Meanwhile as legal protest against animal abuse is punished heavily by the state Liberty who have concerned themselves with the rights of all including fascists, hunters and paedophiles (and rightly so in that civil liberties have to be for everyone by their nature) ignore the violent attacks on the animal rights movement which nearly always preceed attacks on other movements. Maybe something to do with the cosy little chat that they had with the then Research Defence Society (now called Understanding Animal Research) in 2005 who reported that “Our impression was that this was the first time that the staff at Liberty had fully understood the depth, nature and unpleasantness o animal rights extremist campaigns” (Ev 188 Joint Committee on Human Rights, Demonstrating respect for rights? A human rights approach to policing protest seventh report of session 2008-09).

When Sean Kirtley was treated as worse than a rapist for peacefully protesting Liberty could not be bothered, caring about animals is heresy according to them, they obviously believed the RDS without deigning to find out the other side of the story. We are on our own in countering oppression and we must challenge these private companies for the animals, for the earth, for ourselves and ultimately for all who wish to live in a decent society.




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  1. Was Adrian Radford working for Cancer Research UK? He can’t even spell properly on his propaganda advertising his stupid classes for “intelligence” personnel.

    On his eyespy site he poses next to CRUK paraphernalia…was he working for them?

    Are CRUK behind the nasty and sinister SHACWATCH?

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