Attacking Apathy!

Apologies all round for the lack of posts on this site. Exhaustion, recurrent flu and bereavement have played their part as well as burnout excuses, excuses. What we need at the moment with the exception of the energetic pockets of resistance in places such as Cambridge and Leeds is a bloody good kick up the arse.
OK yes the police have given us an unprecedented battering, yes we are oppressed but we need to get on with continuing the fight for animal liberation, get the leaflets out on the streets and the banners held aloft once more. We have to acknowledge that this takes courage in this present climate and that we may face arrest and prosecution but we do not face torture and death as activists do routinely in other countries. We need to be kind to one another and to ourselves and of course take time out watch the Simpsons, eat chocolate and read Lord of the Rings but getting out of the habit of going on demos, doing stalls and writing letters and articles is a slippery slope to annihilation as a movement.
I have no answers just that talking to other activists there is definate apathy bourne of despair and whilst a commendable few have kept the fires blazing there are many of us who need to do more.

As the heroes of Sea Shepherd release 800 bluefin tuna in Libyan waters and as 5 heroes (good luck to the remaining 2) from the EDO decommissioner case are acquitted let us rekindle hope and faith in our abilities to stop the slaughter and this cult of death. We are,no matter what anyone says, right in protecting those who are defenceless and when we act to stand up for another individual child, dog, fish, old lady, whoever we are behaving with honour and integrity. The fact that we face oppression often when we do so makes us much better people than those who turn their backs.

Let us (those like me who have not done too much lately) get back into the fray and support those who have never left it and create support structures that ensure longevity and stamina. Netcu Watch will be back in business soon


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