Arggggh the foxes are coming….PANIC NOW

This has been going on just a little bit. Today the Daily Mail really get going….again. On page 25 we hear the terror of a family who escaped with their lives after a fox cub sat on a bedroom window sill with the inevitable “air of menace” (we hope he pissed on their curtains the wimps).
Things really get going on pages 28-29 with Paul Bracchi’s hilarious investigation into “the real animals” i.e the ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS who have dared to question the accepted orthodoxy that
1. a fox mauled the Kouparris twins
2. that as a result all foxes must die
3. that anyone who does not go along with all the histrionics is an animal rights extremist nutter who must be locked away.
4. that the police have to protect the family in case they are attacked by people who do not swallow hook, line and sinker their story.

Right, so the facebook 3 mentioned spoke to one another and used some strong language questioning the story and condemning the murders of innocent creatures which followed. Some of the quotes mentioned are not pleasant but hey we show a couple of examples of naughty death threats and swearing from animal abusers on this site and the police are not protecting us (prabably because some police officers are naughty enough to write some of this stuff maybe), nor do we want them to. Paul wants the FB 3 locked up all the same though. How dare they contradict the Daily Mail?

He also says that they regard babies and foxes as morally the same the heretics. Well the term animal rights or animal liberation in a nutshell is the acceptance that other animals have a s much right to be and to live as humans do, we do not buy the old Abrahamic tradition which dictates humans are more important as a fact without substantiation. We accept that we are evolved from other apes and part of the web of life and not above other species. It is not anti human, this way of living accepts humans as worthy of compassion and respect but extends that courtesy to all living beings. Thus to kill every fox in the area just because one might have injured a baby maybe in a panic whilst escaping is indeed the same as killing every taxi driver in Cumbria the only difference being that if you were to do the latter you might get nicked!Oh yes and the body count as well but then humans are very good at killing, maiming and torturing far better than any other animal.
In fact babies have far more to fear from our own species than any other.
Leaving children alone in gardens or in houses with windows open allowing access is a risk which parents have to take into account. This sounds like a freak accident and a hysterical purge in which entire innocent families are euphemistically “humanely killed” (how is murder “humane”?) should be subject to ridicule and scrutiny.

Good luck to the facebook 3 and we suggest that you get legal advice, the Daily Mail have a nasty habit of demonising people which oft preceeds a police investigation and arrests.

On page 36 Jan Moir gives her two penny worth by saying that because Brian May, that naughty bad man, has questioned the story as well that he should make amends to the family. WTF???!!!!

We hope that the Kouparris family rebuild their lives and that the twins get better quickly from whatever happened and urge that the demonification of an entire species stops as let’s face it compared to humans the great killer ape they are angelic. Even if they do piss everywhere at least they don’t annihilate an entire ecosystem by pouring oil into the sea. As for the media, for goodness sake stop reporting on this shite and voice concerns about real threats to children such as global warming, the putrification of land and water, the steady erosion of our civil liberties etc. It is getting really boring now.

We have yet to view Panorama which also looks at this case…sigh.


3 Responses

  1. Thank goodness for Lynn Sawyer – always the voice of common sense and reason. The Countryside Alliance must be loving this and I had wondered if they had put this couple up to this. They did seem genuine on TV but so have other people appealing for news about missing people that they have already killed. How many foxes are they going to murder for heavens sake? last time I read it was six

  2. Libby Anderson, policy director of Advocates for Animals, said: “No responsible animal organisation would have any truck with aggressive comments directed at the family.

    Note the ‘responsible’

  3. Personally I don’t like the comments aimed at the family nor do I know what was said other than reported in the DM. However, in a free society it should not be up to me or anyone else to dictate what people write. A certain website who’s name I will not mention (don’t want to give them the hits) says all manner of nasty stuff about me and others, let ’em, freedom of expression is freedom for all. The only time it should be a problem is when those in positions of authority abuse power by releasing confidential information or when the comments are made directly as a threat. Those who are in the public limelight voluntarily or otherwise will be scrutinised, unfairly maybe, BUT there are many examples of downright nastiness all over the internet which do not result in police protection. I do think that this has been blown ridiculously out of proportion and that the family have bourne the brunt of anger which maybe should have been directed against the media. I would certainly think that any legal action taken against the 3 women from what I have heard would be utterly disproportionate.

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