Mark Stone/ Police officer Please look up this link. Mark Stone has admitted to being a police officer. Netcu Watch fully supports those who found out about this betrayal and acted with the utmost integrity, courage and intelligence in investigating and bringing to light the fact that he was paid to infiltrate several activist communities. Love and respect to all those affected.

Demonstration at Cambridgeshire HQ tommorrow 12.00-13.30 where NETCU were origionally spawned followed by a demonstration at Harlan near Huntingdon where beagles are bred for experiments 14.00 to show our disgust at the state for this and to show soldarity with those SHAC prisoners being sentenced at that time. Keep calm and carry on.


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  1. Not again – how many times has SHAC been infiltrated now?


    NW – Another post post from “” the same IP address ( that posted this ages ago…

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