Canadian Activist Corners Security “Expert”

Little gem of an article with excellent footage of some UK security expert telling a Canadian activist about his “work” when he was overheard discussing stuff in a cafe In Canada
Some of the lies he tells are;
that SHAC are proscribed under the Terrorism Act, he does not say which one.
that SHAC dug up a grandmother
that Smash EDO attacked 2 children aged 3 and 6
that there are May Day riots every year in London.

It would appear that this person is one of those who have seen a nice little market niche in scaring the living snot out of various companies and then offering “security” breifings and intelligence on individuals and groups. Tellingly he says he will “provide information to whoever wants it”. It just seems like a threat, he is very open about what he is doing and seems to enjoy being filmed and questioned knowing that this would appear on the internet. This would imply that there is a good reason for him acting as he did.
What is certain is that these little breifings and even conferences are happening all over the place and people are making a profit off our backs and possibly sharing data with multinationals. They should be taken into consideration (but not too much) and challenged.
We know that Agenda run very expensive courses for the employees of vivisection establishments concerning dealing with protestors so muse as to whether or not this plonker is connected to them. We also think that the information he supplies is not free or out of the goodness of his heart. He is making money out of activists!


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