Gloucestershire police riot

They have cried poverty all season, said that they cannot deal with hunts illegally hunting, threatening, hitting, riding at, driving at and beating the living snot out of anyone who is trying to monitor or sab hunts. Gloucestershire police have no resources EXCEPT for when the hunt want them to crush dissent. On Saturday out came at least 12 vehicles packed with cops, tazers, a helicoptor, all followed by a press release. 6 sabs were arrested for highly suspect reasons such as allegedly carrying “offensive weapons” i.e whips (sticks with rope attached to stop hounds hunting by cracking them) and citronella (essential oil diluted in water) to mask the fox’s scent.
Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that Gloucestershire police are nothing more than hunt lackeys.
2 of us visited the Cotswold Vale Farmers, the pack at the centre of all this police bias, yesturday and we had 8 police officers with us and we were grateful they were there as the day ended;they helped save hounds lives as the huntsman and his whipper in left 5 hounds to fend for themselves on a busy road the Forest of Dean, B4234, English Bicknor, Little Collins Grove. We used whips to help save the hounds from fast traffic by using them as leads so much for them being offensive weapons. One hound was treated for a deep laceration which should have been noticed by someone in the hunt, 2 hounds had gone off somewhere else we managed to catch only 3. Now we know that the police have vast resources at their beck and call we will expect them to actually enforce the Hunting Act next season. If they or we had not been there yesturday a hound could have been hurt/killed, or people hurt/killed in an RTC. It is clear that the Cotswold Vale are unable to control their pack so sabs on Saturday were performing a public service for which they should be applauded and not comdemned as they have been by the police and most disgracefully by a certain established anti hunt lobby group.
Tim Bonner now of the MFHA (Maters of Foxhounds Association) sprouted some nonsense about the Cotswold Vale being picked on because they are a “small rural pack” well no Tim they were sabbed because first of all they are illegally hunting (this lot have blocked badger setts before now near Tewkesbury something the police refused to investigate), secondly a few weeks ago they instigated an unprovoked, vicious assault on sabs 2 of whom were badly injured, the police have yet to arrest the clearly identified perpetrators of the assaults.
To intimate that sabs are “anti social” and violent in a police press release is utterly outrageous and should be condemned by every fairminded person.

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