Extreme Hatred

TRIPLE III (Investor Interactive)

Investor Interactive had a Huntingdon Life Sciences share holders bulletin board, we recently found that the board is still running with the same posters who

One of the contributors was a civilian police helicopter pilot and his wife was an HLS worker. These are a (small) selection of views concerning animal rights activists expressed by the alleged “victims” of “extremism”.

They certainly do not exactly appear to fit the media image of the conscientious scientist or the beleaguered shareholder and so we thought that the public and press might appreciate this little snapshot of the minds of some of those who are involved in animal testing!

From Smerking Rabbit;

“Perhaps myself and Bozz could spit roast her while the others punch her repeatedly in the face. By the time they’ve finished beating her, I’ll pull up me kecks and peak over her shoulder for any sign of an improvement.”

From terrified vomiting beagle;
“I wish someone would slaughter these toerags.”

“I fully intend to look up her address and telephone number and use them. Let’s see how that f*cking bitch likes someone barge into her place and say it isn’t illegal.”

From Paddy2k;
“It’s easier to monitor any activist if they live near an army base (don’t ask “why”- it just is.)”

From Lord Dave;
“I hope she does read this so that she feels so upset she slits her wrists, that’s if her chubby fingers can grip the razor blade. She is a gut wrenching, bile inducing witch. Sometimes I wish we still had burning at the stake for demented banshees like her. Were she to do us all a favour and end her own pitiful excuse for a life, I for one would dance a merry jig on her grave (that’s if they could dig a hole big enough to take her fat rotten corpse)……These childish morons really do need to be shot.”

From Smerking Rabbit
“There’s a police woman who drinks in the pub where I mostly drink. She regularly goes to the shac demos. On duty that is. She’s a big butch dyke. She won’t tell me any secret stuff, though she told me that her and her colleagues consider shac to be an embarrassing joke. She fucking hates them. I offered a ‘smoking rabbit’ t-shirt. The next time I saw her she asked me for 6 of them. She promised me that if I supplied her with them (which I haven’t yet) she and 5 other policemen and women would wear them under their riot gear at the next demo! Just thought I’d share that with you. Pretty boring really. Rabbit”

Sent to the SPEAK campaign
From: ‘zone man’ outofthedarkness@hotmail.co.uk
Date: 12th June 2006
Time: 13.51pm
Subject: best of luck

So broughton you old ugly b*stard you think you are so f*cking clever. Let me tell you this we are going to do some serious damage to you before the 21st. Four of your pals are banged up. The net is closing in all of you nasty people hating retards. Your days are numbered you bedwetting white f*ck. The door goes in. YES you’re f*cking door. There won’t be any sympathy for your whimpering. You will just get it big time. Enjoy life while you can you sad f*cker.


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