Activists Attacked at Circus Demo

On Wednesday 14th June 2006 activists were attacked and arrested at the opening night of The Spirit of the Horse in Bakewell. Please read on and consider helping the campaign against the circus.

Two activists attended the opening night of the Spirit of the Horse in Bakewell, to protest against the use of animals in entertainment. They proceeded to leaflet members of the public queuing to enter the big top. The audience was responsive, but the organisers were much more hostile. They were exceptionally aggressive in removing the first of the protestors and physically carried the second away to the road, shocking members of the public.

The protestors continued to hand out literature detailing the suffering of the horses in circuses. A member of the circus then took particular offence to one of the activists, chasing him away with a metal rod pulled from a farm fence and then punching him in the chest. The attacker from the circus was shouting abuse in perfect English and called the police to make allegations of racial assault, this call was also made in fluent English.

The police soon arrived and arrested the two activists on suspicion of racially aggravated assault and criminal damage. The criminal damage was in reference to some placards advertising the show, which were allegedly damaged.

The activists were held in police custody for 24 hours, as the man who attacked the protestors claimed he could not speak English and needed an interpreter, to exaggerate the false allegation of racism. (Or maybe the delay was because the police were watching the World Cup, rather than carrying out their duties.) The activists were then released with all charges dropped, but the police had no intentions of arresting anyone from the circus!

Clearly genuine animal rights activists do not hold negative views against any race, as they would respect all life. The claims of racism put forward by members of the circus were completely fictitious.


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