An Activist comes close to Death


A small group of us gathered and our objective was to block the A1 by using cars and tripods in order to publicise the torture and murder carried out at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The traffic was stopped by 2 cars slowing down gradually over a couple of miles to avoid any accidents the same tactic used by fuel protestors and the Countryside Alliance in fact. Two of us climbed tripods (a “wigwam” type structure made of 3 pieces of scaffolding) 24 feet high and attached a banner between the 2 structures.

Our biggest mistake was to tell other activists that we would be alright and to leave us and escape arrest because just after they left a man approached my tripod and pulled it over causing me to fall to the tarmac. Fortunately I had just cut the banner down or my colleague would have fallen too. My assailant mounted his motorbike and rode away fast and other motorists approached some of whom were very angry with us.

Half my cheek was hanging off and blood splashed across me and the road but my leg felt like jelly and I knew it was badly smashed but there was no actual pain which led to some motorists screaming at me to get up. One woman even drove inches away from where I sat screaming abuse. Most of those present were shocked by the incident and called the police and an ambulance. My colleague sat by me stopping anyone from moving me and thus saved my life, he had already got the motorbike registration number and phoned it through to his partner.

Someone gave me a handkerchief and I held it to my face until the police arrived and put a bandage on. My colleague was handcuffed and arrested for Obstruction of the Highway I was taken to Hinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon where the ambulance crew informed me that the police were waiting to arrest me.

A fractured femur was diagnosed and as the facial injury was deemed too serious to deal with there I was transferred to Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge and a doctor showed me the X-rays my leg was indeed quite badly smashed and I was in agony every time they moved me screaming so loudly that 10 people ran in to the cubicle. I was then scheduled for an emergency operation to put my face and leg back together but as I was stable (and they had a massive emergency list) they decided to leave me until the next morning.

Fractured femurs normally result in significant blood loss and can be life threatening so the nurses who were (along with the doctors, domestics and physios) excellent looked in on me frequently. Strange as it may seem I was quite euphoric which quite probably is something to do with morphine but is not an unknown in those who have survived an assault. I could not sleep or urinate and in the end they catheterised me (ie passed a tube into the bladder). My mother was asked by the nurses if she wanted to stay which she believed was indicative of my possible demise.


The next day the surgeons a mix of orthopaedic and plastic surgeons spent 5 hours repairing my leg and face. I was back on the ward after losing a litre of blood (someone of my size would have a total of 3.5 litres in total) and remember being surrounded by Drs seeing my mother crying and blood everywhere, they asked me if I consented to receiving Gelofusine (a plasma expander made of bovine collagen) and I refused and went back to sleep, I received 4 units of blood in total.


On the Monday I felt more conscious but drifted in and out of sleep. I was able to drink water but could not stomach anything else. A van of fellow activists arrived to see me which was brilliant although I slept most of the time and was rather “spaced out”. I was told by fellow activists that a police officer had attacked me. Local TV news reported that a police officer had been arrested and that a woman had been attacked, great care was taken to avoid any mention of HLS or the fact that an animal rights activist had been seriously injured possibly because it would interfere with the notion that we are the terrorists and could not possibly be victims of unprovoked violence.

Unfortuneately I was too ill to sort out any sort of response to this nonsense. Stories about “violent” animal rights activists continued unabated concerning attacks on cars, clearly as a mere human being I was less important and my case was ignored. At the time my colleague had been remanded in custody charged with conspiracy to endanger public safety and it was difficult to ascertain if media coverage of these events would adversely affect us both and so no attempt was made to try and influence the media.


The police decided to make an appearance although I think that they had been lurking in the background throughout kindly returning my glasses to me. The nurses were very protective and offered to act as witnesses to any discussion, a well known solicitor had offered to be present when I gave a statement (which I had to do in order for a prosecution to succeed) but at that time not wishing to inconvenience anyone I gave a statement about the assault whist attached to a morphine drip often nodding off whilst being questioned by the Detective Inspector. It was made clear that the police were not too thrilled when I said that I wanted to press charges, but they remained professional.

I was not cautioned which as a victim of crime I would not have expected. I was asked for the names of other activists and about the campaign I was involved with which I refused to answer, even so with hindsight answering questions without an advocate was foolish. A policewoman lifted the sheet and asked me if I had seen my other unbroken leg I looked down and saw that it was purple with bruising. No photographs were taken by the police and looking back I should have made sure that both video footage and stills were taken of the injuries by someone but I was too ill.

Letters arrived from home mostly demands for court fines. Phone calls to court offices explaining the situation resulted in them telling me that I had to pay regardless! I handed the letters back and someone kindly took responsibility for insisting that I was too ill to cope with such stress, the fines were amalgamated and demands put on hold until months later.


A Chief Inspector from Cambridgeshire Police professional standards arrived to tell me that a police officer had been arrested for GBH, that the Police Complaints Authority had taken charge of the disciplinary aspect of the case and that if I was not in hospital that I would be in prison a fact he was very keen to emphasise! That afternoon they removed the catheter and I went into urinary retention and was in absolute agony. Eventually I managed to pass urine albeit over the entire bed!

In the following days an excellent lawyer arrived to take details of the incident concerning the criminal prosecution of myself and I contacted a lawyer who specialises in civil prosecutions against the police. I was also very ill. One day the SHO (senior house officer a junior doctor) was chatting to me and I asked him why I felt like I was dying and he told me that if I had been older or less fit that I would have died. The fact was that my leg was twice it’s normal size leaking vast amounts of serous fluid from the surgical wound which soaked the bed, the constant itching and severe nausea which meant that I could not eat persisted. The physiotherapists had a dreadful job trying to make me get out of bed even for a few minutes. It was a blessing that a TV and phone combo unit thing was by every bed, (expensive to use though). 7/08/2000

Eventually the reason for all of these symptoms emerged I had contracted MRSA in the wound and would have to be isolated from other patients as well as having the wound debrided in theatre and the commencement of very strong antibiotics. In addition a small break in the skin on my hip caused by the constant renewing of the dressings had become an infected sore (psuedomonus I think due to the bright green colour and the smell) which was getting wider and deeper (8cm across at one stage). I was losing weight very quickly.

My colleague was released on bail and arrived on the ward with his girlfriend (who had been a pillar of support visiting him in prison and me in hospital) painfully thin after a week without food as the prison had not been competent enough to provide him with a vegan diet! Fortuneately I had lots of food which I could not eat. He told me that it was possible that we would be facing a 7 year prison sentence and that the police were probably just waiting until I was a little fitter before charging me as well. Whilst he was in prison for being up a tripod, the police officer was released on bail after nearly killing me and had not been charged at this stage. The police had also taunted him shortly after arrest saying that I deserved what happened to me and also played around with his climbing harness in an attempt to humiliate him when he was helpless with his hands cuffed behind his back.


On the day they took me to theatre to have my leg reopened and the infected tissue cut out the police visited just an hour prior to the operation to tell me that I was going to be charged with conspiracy to endanger public safety and that I would be receiving a court summons.

When I went back to theatre a member of staff told me that I would be very well looked after because everyone hates HLS, he had been on demonstrations against HLS himself. I was very ill overnight due to the morphine and extremely drowsy


The affable surgeon came and gleefully explained how much he had scrubbed and debrided my infected leg I told him that I had a fair idea because I was in agony and felt as though someone had taken a piece of wire wool to the thigh muscle! Two drains had been inserted into my leg to enable any residual blood or pus. The infection had reached the metalwork and I began to wonder whether I would lose my leg or my life at some stage if the MRSA could not be controlled.

However, I got stronger and regained my appetite enjoying lots of cards, presents, visitors and excellent care from the NHS both as a patient and as an employee.


Whilst having a very serious case of constipation dealt with ( I had not had a bowel movement for 16 days! probably best not to elaborate!) I received a phone call to say that there had been numerous raids on animal rights addresses including my house and that a house mate had been arrested. In all 4 places had been raided and 4 people arrested for allegedly running the campaign against HLS, the police were looking for amongst other things anything connected with tripods .

Lots was said about violence to cars that night on the news nothing about violence to animals including me. As our household now consisted of one person who had been imprisoned for being up a tripod, one person imprisoned for campaigning against HLS, me in hospital and the girl-friend of my co-defendant who had been run ragged supporting everyone the dog I had just adopted to had to be relocated, a decision which was made that evening as other activists came in to make arrangements for him.


I was taken home by my parents to start the long recovery process.


District nurses arrived for the first time to dress and pack my wounds and inject me with antibiotics which was to become a daily routine. My 4 friends were remanded in custody after being charged with various things concerning the campaign against HLS.

My mother had to take me to physiotherapy, cook for me, burn the soiled dressings, help me shower, in fact she was my full time carer a role which she fulfilled brilliantly but which in turn took a toll on her health.


I felt very ill again and the injection sites became inflamed and swollen so I was readmitted to hospital to the isolation ward for a few days to have intravenous antibiotics as opposed to intramuscular this felt like being in a cell and after 4 days was a bit claustrophobic .

Lots of legal chores surfaced at this time notwithstanding the possibility of arrest once the police thought I was well enough. I had to organise a wheelchair and medications. One appeal was dropped as I could not face the logistics of getting to court.


I attended clinic where my consultant told me that my femur was not healing perhaps as a result of the MRSA. Microbiology advised another 6 weeks of Teicoplanin to fight the MRSA. I was advised to put no weight on the leg until after an X-ray 6 weeks later.


I attended Huntingdon magistrates in late September to face trial on an earlier case and to plead guilty to Obstructing the Highway which the original charge was dropped down to,apparently after someone in the Crown Prosecution Service pointed out that as I had been so badly injured it would be a public relations disaster to charge me with endangering public safety. I arrived in a wheelchair and told the court what had happened to me which then put the story into the public realm for the first time (ie 8 weeks following the event!!!) .

The court would have postponed the trial if I had asked it to but I felt that it was necessary to start putting the record straight over what had happened and realised that no-one else would do this for me. There was a lot of bad press concerning violence from animal rights people even though at this time Steve Christmas was in Intensive Care fighting for his life after being nearly killed by a hunt supporter.

When I had tried to put the record straight I was told by journalists that they could not possibly report on a case which was pending trial, partially true but this does not exactly stop the great British press in high profile cases or in the case of Steve Christmas from reporting extensively on the fact that hunt sab’s had allegedly broken a window at hunt kennels, the window being of more importance than a life according to the Daily Telegraph.

Anything said in open court however can be reported so I told the magistrates exactly what had happened and that a police officer was responsible and had been arrested. This got in the local Cambridgeshire press, I got a conditional discharge and yet another fine for the other matter ie a section 14 and “resisting” arrest/or not coming down off the roof of the primate block at HLS! Another activist picked me up from my parent’s house, took me to the district nurse, on to court, pushed me around all day and back again which took some of the strain off my parents.


I began to feel restless at my parent’s house and wanted to go back to Evesham, go on demos. I was even asking my employer for work and I did write something for dear Arthur Ling (RIP) on vegan pregnancy and childbirth. I now realise that nearly 5 years on I am not fully recovered let alone a couple of months after the event. I returned to my home.

I also had to attend the surgery every day until 3 months after MRSA was diagnosed and I was clear of it.


The police raided again looking for my co-defendant just after my return. I was not in as the house was not fit for me to stay in overnight.


Attended my first demo following the assault at Merril Lynch in London. One security guard tried to push me over and told me to stop sponging off the state!


A lady from Victim Support arrived after I self referred. Anyone who has a garden gnome stolen, or a shed window smashed is automatically referred as a victim of crime. Cambridgeshire police clearly thought that the crime committed against me was of far less importance which shocked Worcester Victim Support who came out to see me at home to advise on legal issues, being a prosecution witness etc.


I attended the mass hit on the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt where Steve Christmas had been attacked. A policewoman searched me because I was not a hunt supporter a slapped her hand hard on the scar tissue and ulcer which was still leaking and bled occasionally, I was questioned about the ampoule of Teicoplanin I had in my pocket which was to be injected by Evesham Accident and Emergency on my return home and felt absolutely enraged by their sanctimonious, prejudiced and bullying attitude. All sabs were searched for weapons, no hunt supporter was searched despite the fact that it was a saboteur who had barely survived an attempt to kill him. At this time I was still dependant on crutches for walking and used a wheelchair for any long distances.


Another visit to my consultant and an X-ray meant that the antibiotics were discontinued and that I could for the first time in 3 months start to put some weight on the broken leg.


I attended a national demonstration at HLS Wooley and was nearly knocked out of my wheelchair by police as they violently arrested another protestor. Other activists surrounded me to protect me shouting at the police. Even so to my horror I began to shake and cry after being subjected to police violence yet again but managed to stop myself breaking down completely. One of our number had been arrested and we waited for her in a local pub chatting with some of the locals and arguing about HLS as many of them worked there or knew those who did.


Two of us went to HLS Wooley to protest peacefully. After about 10 minutes my companion,a research nurse who had seriously injured her back , was arrested because the security guards felt “intimidated” by us. I had managed to lock myself in the car with the dogs and although the two thugs in uniform threatened to arrest me and banged on the side of the car they backed off when other animal rights people arrived after I had made a few phone calls. I was of course unable to drive at that stage and was trapped until other activists arrived.


Attended demonstration in London and managed to negotiate the underground on crutches despite nearly being knocked over several times.


Two of us again at HLS Wooley. As is the norm at HLS at lunchtime lycra clad joggers came out for their traditional daily run. One of them was also very keen to hurl abuse at me calling me a hypocrite and was very threatening. Despite the fact that we were outnumbered and we were quite willing to discuss this matter without expletives the worker did not have the decency to do anything but continue to hurl abuse which centred around my injuries.


A visit from the council concerning a housemate who had left which was obviously the result of untrue allegations. Cambridgeshire Police refused to hand back items of mine taken in the August raid even though a video camera and a computer which had not been used would have been of little use to them.

A discussion with the Police Complaints Authority revealed that they could not issue a certificate unless they were completely satisfied with the handling of the case by Cambridgeshire police and without a certificate the police officer could not be charged.

I also managed to have a bath for the first time since the assault which was difficult but amazing after 5months of strip washing and messy showers which had to be cleared up by a third party.


I managed to walk with one crutch for a short distance.


My physiotherapist measured my left leg and found it to be shorter than my right by about an inch. This meant that I could have to wear built up shoes for the rest of my life.


At Quintilles Ledbury security staff asked if I had fallen off of any more tripods lately, after we had done a tour of inspection within the perimeter fence by just driving in.


At a mobile demonstration some of us walked through the gates at Roche Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. I chatted to a security guard, the others went into a building, they came out and we all left without any incident. Later a Staffordshire police officer tried to humiliate me by referring to a strip search that he had authorised in April on suspicion that I may have a piece of cloth to cover my face on me. His Cambridgeshire colleague threatened to have two of us struck off the then UKCC nurses register.


In court for fines. The magistrates were sympathetic and allowed me to pay back at a sum of £20 per month.


Seen at clinic in Addenbrookes and discharged as the femur was healing well but the muscle had to build up again. I was still unable to sleep on my left side and still had to use a stick.


Results came though that I was MRSA negative.


At a demonstration at Glaxo Smith Kline in Herts security staff ask me if my leg is any better.


At a London demo’ I was unable to keep up and was nauseous, exhausted and in pain by the end.


At HLS Wooley we were told by the police that we could not use words such as “torture” or “murder” as it may upset the workers. At HLS Occold when I was speaking on the megaphone it was snatched from me by police causing me to drop my stick and nearly fall over.

I was very exhausted and spent Christmas with my parents escorted by my brother for walks in the snow as I could not go out alone in case I slipped.


Police Complaints Authority phoned and told me that there was no sign of my assailant being charged.


At HLS Wooley a security guard pushed me around roughly, threatened to beat me up and called me “peg leg”.


As I felt that I should return to work I attended Occupational Health but was told that I was no-where near ready. Counselling was recommended.


I attended Darley Oaks Farm where guinea pigs were bred for experiments. The owner of the farm attacked me shaking me leaving me bruised and in tears.


The Police Complaints Authority told me that the police officer should be charged by the following week.


The Daily Mail had written an article about me and some of what had happened. At a Natwest demo in Evesham I was pushed over by the manager and had to be picked up from the floor by the police who were OK.


This was an exhausting day when the Royal Bank of Scotland pulled out of HLS. Much time was spent marching around London, but I was feeling stronger.


The first demo I attended without a walking aid was at HLS Occold . I was promptly arrested and then searched illegally by a male custody sergeant and released after 5 minutes once I had shouted that he was breaching PACE. He even tried to argue that PACE only applied in police stations. A subsequent complaint to the PCA led to him being advised as to the error of his ways. A journalist for the Hunts Post had overheard a police call for a female officer to search me and was shocked that a male had done so. Another protestor was having a full blown panic attack after being locked in the sweat box and was left to suffer despite my protests on his behalf.


Spent an hour making a formal complaint to the police in Evesham.


Computer and other stuff taken in raid in August was returned by Cambridgeshire Police. Counselling session as well.


Stall in Kensington London. Told to stop by the council which we did but we had to wait for someone to collect us as I was unable to carry anything. The police came out to threaten and harass us as someone had complained about us waiting.


At an Occupational Health appointment to assess my suitability for return to work the kindly doctor told me that my pelvis was uneven due to one leg being shorter and that the reason for the continued pain was the haematoma (collection of blood, or severe bruising) which persisted from the original injury which was not unusual in such trauma. She refused to allow me go back to work and made another appointment.


At physiotherapy I was told that I would need built up shoes to help my limp and I walked home in floods of tears. I would also need to attend physiotherapy and continue with intensive exercises 3 times a day.


Signed off work for a few more weeks by my GP.




An interview with Suffolk police Professional Standards detectives in Evesham concerning the complaint in January.


I attended a study day and saw my boss who told me that an HLS employee had complained that I had been arrested on 21/1/2001 and that I should be sacked as no midwife should be against vivisection! It even implied that I would refuse women pain relief because of my beliefs. A copy of the letter was sent to my solicitor.


Physio and counselling.


HLS national at Diss train station in Norfolk (which moved quickly to HLS Wooley) where a police officer approached me and gloated asking if I was in pain and why I was limping.


After a demo in London I cried all the way back in the car because of the pain.


The PCA told me that the police were waiting for my hospital notes prior to charging. I had given formal consent for police access to my confidential notes in JULY 2000.


Another visit to Occupational Health but due to a massive dizzy spell on the train and the fact I was in floods of tears I was told not to return to work for a few more weeks.

Numerous arrests happened from then on. At home I cleaned the house to the best of my ability (I am told obsessively) every day and went to physio. As far as work was concerned Occupational Health were adamant that I needed more time to recover due to pain and stress. I was only allowed to return in May 2001 and only for 6 hour shifts not 12 hours. Dizzy spells limited my activities and I was told that I was not allowed to work on Delivery Suite as I was not strong enough physically. For a year I persisted and never managed to get up to full time hours. My left thigh would swell up and I would often have to sit down due to pain and dizzy spells. My memory also suffered.

Four of us were raided in July 2001 for burglary. At a demonstration at Roche we had entered the site through the gate. I had chatted to a security guard, the others had walked into an office and out again. One person had taken 10 pieces of scrap paper which Roche reported as stolen 3 months later. Fifteen police officers some in full riot gear came to Evesham one morning and I was taken off to Hertfordshire. My crutches were taken as “evidence” as they believed that I had taken part in a burglary whilst using them!

In October PC Manton faced trial at Peterborough Crown Court. Every conviction of mine and my companion on the day was brought up by the QC defending Manton whilst the prosecutor did not appear to be too keen on prosecuting! It transpired that David Manton had been decorating his house in little Paxton when he needed more paint .He got on his vintage bike and driven to the A1. He had noticed that there was a tailback and had gone to investigate. He then came up to us and according to him was testing to see how heavy the leg of the tripod was so that he and others could move it.

The tripod came crashing down he had seen how badly hurt I was and fearful of animal rights people attacking him he had run away intending to report the incident the following day! He returned home and then went to a party. When he came back to Little Paxton he was arrested by his colleagues, his house was raided and he was taken to Cambridge police station and interviewed. Months later he was charged with GBH. Throughout being cross-examined he was in tears in the dock and his entire case hinged on the following

: The tripod was unsafe and would have fallen anyway, a health and safety expert was brought in to testify that by industry standards he would not approve of such a structure. Manton himself was cited as an expert on tripods as he had used them in the army. The fact that all he should have done was wait for police climbing teams to arrive did not seem to affect the jury.

He was frightened of the Animal liberation Front which is why he fled. The defence played really dirty on this one regurgitating the Brian Cass injury incident repeatedly saying that the alleged attack with baseball bats on the HLS director would have caused Manton to fear for his safety. The only flaw in this argument was that Cass was injured in February 2001 6 months AFTER I was attacked. We could only watch helplessly as the jury were lied to by senior police officers who told them that Cass was attacked prior to July 2000. When I had a word with the police after this I was just told not to worry!

That he was an animal loving decent person who was devastated by what had happened. Colleagues, friends and neighbours were brought in to testify how wonderful he was. The numerous assaults on prisoners and complaints made about him by those he had attacked previously were not mentioned which I will not complain about as no-one should be tried on their previous conduct and convictions of defendants are not mentioned before magistrates or juries trying cases. As witnesses of course they could do their utmost to portray us as terrorists, and they did.

The witnesses for the prosecution who had seen Manton attack me were probably the reason that the case ended up in court in the first place. A squadron leader, a teacher, an accountant, a senior nurse etc all veritable pillars of the community all of whom testified that he had attacked me and was very angry. None of them were sympathetic to animal rights, one of them even agreed with his actions, all were complete strangers, in fact all were the most perfect witnesses that could be hoped for in this sort of case.

It was not enough though he was aquitted in less than an hour with the police sitting around us in the public gallery whooping for joy. I found out nearly a year later when I bumped into a witness by coincidence, she had come forward and from that moment on received death threats and police harassment. Her car was habitually pulled over at least 3 times a week by police and when she reported it was told that her safety could not be guaranteed if she was a witness! She had never been in trouble with the police before, or stopped. Someone really cynical might speculate that the same methods were applied to the jury although proving this would be very difficult.

The Detective Inspector in charge of the case who had interviewed me tried unsuccessfully to hide his relief at the outcome after all he was by that time working at the same police station as PC Manton in St Neots.

My response was to ask people to demonstrate at HLS the next day and the Hunts Post attended interviewing me at length (and publishing a very supportive article). Other media were not so amenable, on local TV news one journalist even made up a story about PC Manton helping loads of other police lower the tripod even though it is well known that only specialist police climbers should attempt to dismantle tripods and safely remove the protestor. They refused to broadcast the truth which was that by his own account he left the scene of the crime before his colleagues arrived.

A week later on the 5th November 2001 I returned to HLS and on seeing the security staff half asleep I opportunistically entered the laboratory and barricaded myself in an office which was both empowering and gave out the message that I was undefeated as well as the fact that HLS had sub-standard security . After an HLS employee with a large drill knocked down a wall to get me out I was arrested and charged at a later date with abstracting electricity and breaching the Data Protection Act.

I continued to work but by May 2002 I was facing 2 Crown Court trials, was depressed and still in pain. I took a year off to campaign full time and try and recover more. A year later still in a lot of pain I had the metalwork removed from my leg and was on crutches again. This time I had a nervous breakdown and returned to Evesham heavily in debt and physically weak. I was completely on my own this time but recovered fairly quickly over a few months. I had been named on an injunction “protecting” HLS but was too busy with my own problems to campaign at that time and so concentrated on clearing debt and did not intend to fight the injunction as others had the matter in hand.

I returned to work in November 2003 and was much better when HLS decided to pursue me for costs of around £200,000 . In October 2004 they were keen to seek an order to force a sale on my house which would have made me homeless all because I had not defended myself and incurred a Default Judgement and a Default Costs Order. One of the reasons I was named on the injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act was because the tripod incident made HLS , a corporation, feel “harassed”. Following an application to the High Court a Judge overturned the Default Judgement and costs order but HLS have, at the time of writing, a charge on the house and negotiations are ongoing.

So the saga continues and I am unable to communicate the full outcome of this ongoing feud at present suffice to say that I can walk very long distances but my left thigh becomes inflamed and numb. I still cannot sleep on my left side as my leg basically feels bruised all the time. I suffer quite badly if I lift anything but hot bath and a bottle of beer are by far the best pain killers as anything else makes me nauseous. I am still working as a midwife and I still campaign for animal rights which has led to numerous arrests and harassment from both police and those who support vivisection.

Having suffered from burnout I am aware that I have to try and protect myself from too much stress but this is not always possible. Fighting back and having no illusions about the state, media or corporations is essential. On the bright side though I am probably stronger and much more experienced in many fields as a result and I know that I can endure quite a lot and will continue to do so until those who are killing our planet and her inhabitants desist or I die, furthermore the police officer and I came to an out of court settlement via our lawyers after I pursued him in the civil courts, and I have successfully sued the police for wrongful arrest and assault on a number of occasions. Knowing how low these people can go can only make one determined to stop them.


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  1. What fabulous news! Its taken a while to read all that but it was worth it – it seems you’re going to limp for life, AND theres a good chance HLS will end up owning your house.

    Our response // Sorry you arrived to the party so late, Lynn is fully healed and the only thing that HLS have is an idiot fan who posts from IP address

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