M.J Haines, an animal welfare campaigner

In response to the propaganda produced by the government, media and certain gutter press hypochondriac newspapers, (e.g Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, etc), I would like to express my opinions on the subject of animal “terrorists”.

I am and was a professional tradesperson and was running my own business successfully until 28th November 1999. I brought up my family of 4 children , have my own house and was always in full employment. I never had any involvement with the law or have ever been in any trouble.

I am a keen naturalist and animal welfare campaigner for all wildlife and am an ex RSPCA and National Trust member.

On a particular day while legally opposing the importation of monkeys to Shamrock monkey farm, I was attacked by a snatch squad for no other reason than concern for my female partner. This frenzied attack was entirely unprovoked and my right arm was broken.

The police force then conspired against me and accused me of assaulting a police sergeant, to cover their backs.

This was the start of a long legal fight for me as the police force involved deliberately conspired and concocted a fabrication of lies to cover for themselves and to bring me to court on trumped up charges.

I was duly tried in court and found NOT GUILTY due to the inconsistency of the police officers statements proving that they were not telling the truth.

I then rightfully thought and foolishly believed I had the right to claim compensation for loss of work and my assault by police plus compensation for my broken arm and pain incurred. How wrong I was.

At this point I will tell you I have never really worked at my trade as a plasterer and tiler since that date due to the continual pain in my right arm.

I have lost my business and am now in grave danger of losing my house.

I did try to sue the police but to no avail as the Judge advised the jury to side with the now extra police that came forward to support their comrades and although there also was found to be inconsistencies with their imaginary statements, (with the last 2 withdrawing from giving evidence), the case turned out to be a deadlock in court.

I do have the right to take this back to court again, but having lost my business, my full time employment, my financial independence and almost my house, I cannot do so.

I write this for the internet to expose the corrupt workings of the government and their lackeys, the police, who are now desperate to silence the factual truth from any persons’ trying to expose their corrupt financial dealings with vivisection and other animal abusing organisations and to tell them that they will never stop me voicing my factual information or thoughts.


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