Write to Gordon Brown…

Dear Mr Brown,

Following a massive police operation in the West Midlands 09/05/06 which involved 120 police officers, 14 arrests and 12 dawn raids following allegations of peaceful protest against animal testing we would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

If standing by the side of the road holding a banner or handing out leaflets puts activists at risk of arrest and prosecution, could you please explain what exactly you define as a legal protest against vivisection?

It would appear that protest against vivisection has now been outlawed, even polite letters to companies have been produced as exhibits of “harassment”. Why is it the case that in theory at least, anyone can protest about anything legally in the UK except animal testing?

Does your government intend to outlaw other movements whose views are contrary to your policies, for example will anti nuclear campaigners have their doors kicked in, computers, books and miscellaneous household items confiscated, then be questioned about their political views when all they have done is stood outside power stations with banners?

You have accused the animal rights movement of being “extreme” and “violent”. Do you condemn actual violence against animal rights people 4 of whom have been killed, many more of whom have been viciously attacked resulting in broken bones, admissions to Intensive Care and general hospitalisation, ?

You have met with those who experiment on animals and based policy on their views. Will you meet with representatives of the animal rights movement to discuss the eradication of our civil liberties?

Recently you have suggested that the police and courts have not been tough enough on animal rights people. Many animal rights people have suffered violence at the hands of police officers including very serious fractures requiring hospitalisation, many have been arrested illegally and maliciously and the courts have punished property damage and other animal rights related offences more severely than for example rape. How much more do you plan to persecute us for our beliefs?

After all low-life who steal companion animals in order to blackmail distraught families do not even warrant police attention, companies who dig up entire grave yards in order to build airports attract no criticism, animal rights activists receive long sentences for far less, how do you justify this? Are ordinary people less important than multinational corporations?

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

[Your name]

Send to:
Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street


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