FREEDOM TO PROTEST Any oppressive laws can be rendered unworkable through protest, non-co-operation and defiance.

FREEBEAGLES A collection of articles on legal issues and the judicial system for activists.

VEGAN PRISONERS SUPPORT GROUP Supporting Vegan Animal Rights Prisoners of Conscience.

LIBERTY Liberty is one of the UK’s leading human rights and civil liberties organisations. It was founded as the National Council for Civil Liberties in 1934 and has campaigned for equal rights for over 70 years.

INDEPENDENT POLICE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is an organisation that has overall responsibility for the system for complaints against the police.

ACTIVIST TRAUMA This site is primarily for political activists who may be injured during or by their political activities.

ACTION MEDICS Network of activists who have medical skills, from first aid to qualified doctors.

INDYMEDIA UK Network of individuals, independent, and alternative media activists and organizations offering grassroots, non-corporate, noncommercial coverage of important social and political issues.

FIT WATCH Tactics on resisting intimidation and harassment from the police’ Forward Intelligence Team.

AR COPWATCH Names and Numbers of police officers that gather “evidence” at Animal Rights events.

ACTIVIST SECURITY INFORMATION Counter-surveillance measures for peaceful protestors.

PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION Making a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission about a newspaper or magazine could not be easier.

THE LAW SOCIETY OF ENGLAND AND WALES Extensive legal information including details of policy, training advice on dealing with solicitors.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION The FOI Act gives any person the legal right to ask for and be given any information which is held by a public authority.

BARRY HORNE This site is dedicated to the memory of Barry Horne, an animal liberation activist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5 2001.

JILL’S DAY 2005 Information about a day of remembrance to mark the 10th anniversary of Jill Phipps death while campaigning for animal liberation.

ARKANGEL News articles, features, editorials, and interviews from the animal rights, animal protection, and animal liberation movements around the world.

HUNT SABOTEURS ASSOCIATION Working directly in the field to protect wildlife from the huntsmen.

WESTERN ANIMAL RIGHTS NETWORK Network for animal rights groups throughout the West of the UK.

SOUTHERN ANIMAL RIGHTS COALITION Networks the thriving animal rights groups that exist in the south.

EAST ANGLA ANIMAL RIGHTS COALITION East Anglia Animal Rights Coalition is an organisation that is here to help and support groups and individuals from the region.


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