Biased journalists attack property damage and ignore real violence.

Our Response to ‘Animal rights group plans day of protests’

Following the announcement that some activists were planning legal demonstrations against Huntingdon life sciences (HLS) the Cambridge Evening News has sought to portray animal rights people in a negative way by focusing on attacks on property but omitting any reference to the daily gratuitous violence carried out at HLS, (resulting in 500 deaths EVERY day) and the thuggery of the police (which has left at least one protestor scarred for life).

A call was made to the CEN newsdesk and the journalist I spoke to said that he was not aware of any violence against animal rights people or violence towards those imprisoned at HLS ! How convienient!

The only question that remains is if the police are there to make sure that animal rights people are not breaking the law, then who is making sure that they behave themselves, especially in Cambridgeshire NETCU’s home turf?


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