Response to Burton Mail article 06/09/05

Our Response to Burton Mail article ‘Public turns on Animal Terrorists’

Dear Sir/Madam,

So no incident concerning violence against animal rights protestors has ever been reported to the Burton Mail has it?

Well I once tried speaking to a journalist from the Mail following a case where I was found guilty of a section 14 to tell her about when I was physically attacked by Christopher Hall (this was in 2001). She was hysterical and refused to listen even though I was still very obviously incapacitated from an attack on me on an action against Huntingdon Life Sciences and was not in any way a threat.

Subsequently an article followed about me being a fanatic etc. Interestingly enough when I appealed my conviction in Stafford Crown Court the judge decided that the section 14 was unlawful i.e the order was written on a scrap of paper and applied to a demonstration which had taken place months before. He upheld my appeal and the police compensated me financially on this occasion of one of many illegal detentions.

The Burton Mail refused to publish the story even though I informed the news room. Like so many others my arrest was unlawful and similar to a group of us kidnapping one of our opponents and holding them captive for 24 hours or more depths to which no-one in animal rights has ever sunk.

Fortunately for the Halls and the police we are nowhere near as extreme as they are and do not resort to driving at people, using iron bars on heads and kidnapping. I am truly glad that this bunch of thugs who have wasted so much public money are now closing their business my only remorse is that they did not do this years ago and for their innocent victims who have died in agony in their thousands.

Name witheld


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