Response to Telegraph article 29/05/06

Our response to Telegraph article ‘Public turns on Animal Terrorists’

29th May 2006

As regards to the article on “animal terrorists”, maybe the following questions put to the public might yield some more interesting results:

Is it acceptable to starve, eviscerate, burn, torment, cause psychological harm, blind and otherwise subject animals to extreme suffering when the results of such experiments mislead vivisectors ?

Considering human physiology and mouse physiology and the many differences for example life span, reproductive ability and size are you fully satisfied that a product is safe for human consumption after tests have been carried out on the mouse?

What is “medical”research? Are you aware that animals are experimented on in the UK for anti impotence drugs and cosmetic botox?

Do you approve of the continuation of animal tests in the UK in non medical research for pesticides, oven cleaner, paint, artificial additives and sweeteners?

Do you think that it is acceptable for those who support vivisection to send hate mail and dead animals in the post, to attack peaceful protestors with iron bars, to send death threats via the phone and threaten to hurt animals?

Do you think that is acceptable for those who work in laboratories which use animals to leave them unattended overnight routinely and for some of those who work in such places to abuse and mock the animals in addition to the animal being experimented on?

Do you agree with 14 protestors being arrested and their homes raided for peacefully protesting outside a laboratory? Do you think that peaceful protestors who are simply holding banners and exercising their rights under article 10 of the Human Rights Act should be subject to anti social behaviour legislation? If you believe that peaceful protest is “anti-social” should this apply to every protest or just animal rights protests?

Do you agree that the police should attack peaceful protestors so violently that bones are broken and arrest protestors unlawfully?

Do you believe that running a campaign against a breeder of animals for experiments in which no one (except protestors that is) was physically harmed is a worse crime than rape, armed robbery, child abuse, severe assault, killing someone, torturing animals and other such serious offences?

When animal rights activists are attacked and threatened should newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph be investigated by the police for incitement?


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