This will be of interest to anyone who is interested in laboratories wherein animals are tortured and appears to refer to security around the Oxford University lab when it was being built. Note that they see a spread of direct action across the globe and solidarity across movements as a threat.


We all know that the police are usually biased against activists, that NETCU exists to stop all effective protest, that dark deals are done behind closed doors between senior officers and corporations. However to some extent at least the police are accountable, we can complain, we can sue for wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution and assault, we can monitor their activities, some of them even abhor what we protest against. Not so the companies getting in on the act of trying to rid the world of grass roots activism or making a killing by pretending to.

Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden has made millions out of luring unsuspecting evil companies into the promise of a future without nasty activists embarrassing them. The sight of him and Superintendant Pearl sitting together in court whispering sweet nothings to one another clearly sent home the message that NETCU was nothing more than HLS’s obedient and subservient slave. TLC of course screwed up a few injunctions and badly losing corporations and one fox hunt hundreds of thousands of pounds for minimal gain.

Probably linked to TLC and indeed NETCU (and we are speculating a bit here) are private security companies promising all sorts to large corporations and individuals for lots of money. They are promising things such as information on activists and scaring the living snot out of any company who might be questioned about dubious amoral activities.

Black Chrysalis is trying to launch itself right now based upon the Walter Mitty wannabe Adrian Radford’s “infiltration of the ALF”. Apparently 44 dead hard ex army types are poised and ready to follow activists around, carry out surveillance, do counter surveillance stuff and “protect” celebrities as well as big bad companies. It would appear that what they want to do (and may already be attempting) is to get a data base on activists and even sell such data, photos, etc to anyone who gives them money. Undermining them, causing as much embarrassment as possible, exposing links with the police might be a good way of dealing with this lot. The book “target ALF” is apparently coming out soon in which Radford will no doubt boast that he as “number 3” in the UK was at the hub of the ALF “leadership”. Well sorry dearie the ALF is a concept, an idea, it is not elitist, it is not hierarchical it depends on individuals working alone or in small groups and AUTONOMOUSLY to help abused animals, there is no leadership but you can pretend to have been 3rd in line to some mythical throne if you want, you can persuade big corporations that the ALF can be beheaded, you will be doing the brave activists who liberate animals and cause economic sabotage to those who abuse sentient beings human and non human and the Earth a massive favour. Just who is the “leader” in Mexico right now Adrian? Those admirable and courageous activists have the sense not to do anything but underground activity as such they are inpenetrable, or are you going to pretend that you could “infiltrate” the Mexican ALF too? What is happening in Mexico (to those who are not aware even police stations are not immune from the wrath of the arsonist) is the inevitable result of suppressing liberty and the right to protest…enjoy.

Then we come to Agenda a company who is concerned with screening not just for animal rights and environmental activists who may wish to work undercover but  for those with the “wrong attitude” and immigrants. Their wording is chilling , HCCA  “one of the nation’s largest nurse placement firms” were having problems with nurses with “attitude problems” and Agenda did its utmost to weed out such nurses. Of course if a nurse’s “attitude problem” is that s/he is an aspiring Beverley Allitt, or lazy, or drunk on duty, etc then fine, but I suspect that Agenda and HCCA meant that by “attitude problem” that nurses were possibly quite rightly questioning and challenging bad practice. Alas Agenda do not enlighten us but reading the Axiometrics case study left me as a nurse feeling that private companies were interfering with professional judgement which gravely concerns me especially as Agenda it would appear have designs on the NHS and may get a contract to screen potential  and existing NHS employees. What if they decide belonging to a trade union, whistle blowing, or attending a demo is proof of an “attitude problem”? In the post Ian Huntley hysteria enhanced CRB checks are taking a very long time and now not only do more and more occupations demand such checks but checks are being made on current employees. Furthermore  a CRB record could include information about a person which does not necessarily limit itself to convictions and cautions (yes cautions do stay with you for life, NEVER accept one unless you really know what you are doing and you already have convictions of a criminal kind).

On the horizon is the Independant Safeguarding Authority a quang

Agenda  boast ISIS “Information Security Investigation System”:

“Whether the need is for a simple one-of check, a basic or probity screening, a Criminal Record Bureau check or a fully comprehensive or executive screening package, Agenda Security Services have developed a process which takes care of it all”.

Of course the Independent Safeguarding Authority are also looming on the horizon . Anyone who may be in repeated close proximity to anyone else under 18 or a “vulnerable” adult beware, you may need to apply for certification for the privilege. Will Agenda and similar companies get their fangs into this as well in some way?

They also  have an affiliations check“ This check includes a full internet mining search (over a billion web pages and chat rooms searched). We also use our own Animal Rights Connections (ARC) database for those clients concerned about animal rights extremism and we can also check the Sanctions database, which is used by the Bank of England to identify terrorist affiliations. This check can be customised to include political affiliations too”.

And so employees are to be judged on their political beliefs by a private company set to “mine” the internet and report back to employers (they offer an annual Affiliations Check as well) if  an employee has for example written a letter to the local paper. To do this Agenda use their “Guardian” programme which monitors search engines etc. They also offer “One off reports -Full intelligence gathering against agreed perimeters” and :

“Animal Rights Intelligence and Analysis-Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of animal rights activity in relation to your organisation, key people, suppliers and other stakeholders. This report also monitors the animal extremist movement environment and provides updates on activity”.

Hmmm. So presumably they have files on a few of us then and are therefore making money by selling information. Cheeky sods!!! They deny having any information about me whatsoever following a Data Protection Act request. In the meantime if I worked somewhere where I was under constant scrutiny, where a private company was constantly trying to find fault with my beliefs and expose me as an illegal immigrant I would be really pissed off. Agenda are helping to create a climate of fear within the workplace for those with the capacity to speak out against wrongdoing, those with political beliefs and those who are most vulnerable employees who are not British citizens. All in all they promise to rid employers of infiltrating activists, “illegal immigrants”, those with the “wrong attitude” and those who have certain political beliefs. Agenda are the enemy of all who cherish a free and fair society and should be seen as such. It is not too fanciful to imagine retired or practicing (or indeed both) police personnel playing some role in the intelligence gathering promised by Agenda. After all TLC and HLS had information about activists which could only have come from a police source.

Agenda have a nice little earner in security courses for example what to do if PETA ring up! (no I’m not joking).Sadly they have taken all the details down from their site but they are IAT (Institute of Animal Technicians) Accredited courses and a big conference was planned in Germany  8-9th September 2009

“International Securing Research conference- From Intelligence Gathering to Facility Security and from Perimeter Protection to people policies, if you have an interest in research facilty security this conference is a must attend event”.

Agenda were spawned from the vivisection industry notably a cesspit near Hull called Bantin and Kingman who continue to breed mice, rats, beagles etc for a short, pitiful life and violent death in laboratories in the UK and overseas. In fact they share a PO Box with The Institute of Animal Technicians ie PO Box 24, Hull, HU128YJ and also have an office in Cambridge. They recruit heavily for the labs but are clearly spreading their wings into other areas.

Meanwhile as legal protest against animal abuse is punished heavily by the state Liberty who have concerned themselves with the rights of all including fascists, hunters and paedophiles (and rightly so in that civil liberties have to be for everyone by their nature) ignore the violent attacks on the animal rights movement which nearly always preceed attacks on other movements. Maybe something to do with the cosy little chat that they had with the then Research Defence Society (now called Understanding Animal Research) in 2005 who reported that “Our impression was that this was the first time that the staff at Liberty had fully understood the depth, nature and unpleasantness o animal rights extremist campaigns” (Ev 188 Joint Committee on Human Rights, Demonstrating respect for rights? A human rights approach to policing protest seventh report of session 2008-09).

When Sean Kirtley was treated as worse than a rapist for peacefully protesting Liberty could not be bothered, caring about animals is heresy according to them, they obviously believed the RDS without deigning to find out the other side of the story. We are on our own in countering oppression and we must challenge these private companies for the animals, for the earth, for ourselves and ultimately for all who wish to live in a decent society.




NETCU fail to recognise hunt extremism whilst attacking activists.

NETCU fail to recognise hunt extremism whilst attacking activists.

As we all know the Hunting Act 2004 effectively banned the hunting of foxes, deer, hares and mink. After many years of struggle a law was finally passed. Even as far back as 1894 the 8th Duke of Beaufort wrote;

“In these days of change alarm, surprise, when the brutality of field-sports is being denounced with so much eloquence and energy that one cannot but wonder how the world has remained unconvinced through so many years, it is, perhaps, idle to speculate how much longer our attention will be suffered to employ itself on a pastime which so many wise men have agreed to brand as wanton and debasing”. (Hunting , the Badminton library).

Even in 1894 hunt leaders were aware of the fact that their “sport” was repulsive to many good folk.  On 4th December 1930 the threat from anti hunt campaigners was considered so great that the British Field Sports Society (forerunner of the Countryside Alliance) was founded by one Fred Beadle in response to the League Against Cruel Sports. In 1948 the Piccadilly Hunt club brought hounds and horses into London to protest against a proposed ban.

This battle is very old. Even in the ancient Babylonian Gilgamesh epic a hunt saboteur is sent by the gods to thwart the traps of hunters. All in all the hunting fraternity have had over a hundred years warning that a ban was on the cards and for over a hundred years and most certainly since the Second World War the ethics of hunting wild animals with hounds has been fought very hard both in parliament and in the fields with every angle scrutinised. The hunting fraternity were given more licence than most by the state but eventually most hunting was banned (with some very strange exemptions). It was in the hunting field through sabbing that the modern animal rights movement was born.

Throwing the dummy out of the pram is one way of describing what has happened next. Many hunts have not stopped unlawful forms of hunting, they continue as normal sometimes adding a bit of a pantomime concerning “a drag” with someone on a horse or a quad bike who never goes into the brambles where the hounds always pick up a scent oddly enough. Some hunt supporters(by no means all) are very violent towards people and over the years there have been 2 sabs killed, many fractured skulls (arms, legs etc etc), visits at the homes of those who campaign against hunting, animals nailed to front doors, bomb threats, arson and so forth. Of course some within the animal rights movement(again by no means all) do use the tactic of home visits and property damage but as yet have not killed anyone nor has anyone been injured  beyond the need of a few stitches on a couple of occasions. The only possible exception being the accidental death of a hunt supporter which has yet to be brought before a court so cannot be discussed.

A fair police response would be to regard hunt supporters as they would any other “extremist” group and to spend vast resources in upholding both the Hunting Act and investigating crimes such as GBH and killing people properly. In the Guardian “27th October 2009 following an expose of NETCU, the NDET and the NPIOU Superintendant Pearl head of NETCU stated that the police cannot ignore “crimes” carried out by climate change activists. Apparently there is no problem ignoring crimes carried out by hunt supporters. The CPS and courts would be fair if they prosecuted and sentenced hunt “extremists” in the same way as they have animal rights people. Now for example Otis Ferry MFH writing in Horse and Hound (22nd October 2009 page27) says;

“My latest scrape left me sitting in a 12ft prison cell, and brought me to only one conclusion. We must break the law.”

We do not want to see anyone (not even odious Otis or the H and H editor) locked up for free speech but think that in any other context this could be regarded as incitement. We know Otis has no regard for the Hunting Act some of us caught him leading the South Shropshire fox hunt in an illegal hunt and an illegal dig out which only ended when his terrier man put his foot down, abandoned the dig and took his terriers home all in front of a police officer, who watched. Otis was, allegedly, very naughty, he attacked someone and ended up being remanded. If he was an animal rights activist he would still be inside. Are hunts not organised, is there not a conspiracy going on between individuals to break the law and to use violence against sabs and monitors? Where then are the double figure sentences, the police surveillance and media denunciation?

Again in the Guardian 26th and 27th October 2009 there is, quite rightly, an expose of police public order units which have effectively criminalised protest. NETCU have dealt primarily with animal rights people first, then climate protestors, then those protesting against the arms trade. No mention of policing extremist hunt activity. We are bemused by the fact that the Guardian has no problem when it comes to clamping down on “animal rights extremism”, it is OK to protest outside a weapons factory but not outside a fur shop. Interestingly an activist who one day attends Climate Camp and the next attends a demo outside HLS is the same person but simultaneously a victim of police oppression and a dangerous extremist. The Guardian have bought the line that all animal rights activists are dangerous “extremists” and should be locked up presumably because they do not think that animal abuse is important enough to protest about. If the issue being protested about concerns animal abuse, so the argument goes, then give the police free reign to do as they will. Only if other protests are affected should anyone be concerned. We at NW also wish to criticise the Guardian for its publication of the FIT spotter card with disarm DSEI activists photographs on despite being expressly asked not to. We also praise the Guardian’s stance against the slide into a police state.

Do FIT have spotter cards for Countryside Alliance activists? I think we would all like to know, if not why not? If so maybe the CA can join the fray. Maybe the Guardian could investigate? Interestingly in their evidence to the Joint Parliamentary Committee into policing and protest 2008/09 the CA only mentioned the ridiculous restrictions on protest in Parliament Square and other state curbs on peaceful protest, in fact they almost could have been Liberty if you missed who the authors of the written submission were. No mention was made of hunt monitors and sabs conspicuous by their absence now that the hunting fraternity are frothing at the mouth (maybe they should stop eating the bath bombs)regarding Lush’s support of the Hunt Saboteur’s Association and are demanding that the police arrest all who attend hunts who are not hunt supporters

If Lush were a laboratory or a hunt rather than a rather lovely chain of shops where nice vegan smellies can be bought, the police would have made sure that the staff within were protected from big blokes wanting to literally throw their weight around. The discrepancy is even more ridiculous when it is considered that laboratory staff are protected anyway by razor wire and security, Lush staff are vulnerable to anyone who walks into the shop. As yet despite threats, assaults, property damage and   disruption from hunt “extremists” NETCU have failed dismally to act. Now why is that? Our answer is that hunters are well connected and have a greater propensity to use violence. It is far easier to arrest a couple of monitors(trying to gather evidence on illegal hunting) on a hunt than it is to try and work out whether or not the pack is hunting unlawfully, or arrest some troll who is surrounded by other trolls who has just ridden his quad bike over someone. The police are unable to enforce the Hunting Act (or anything else) and so they try and take out one side by enforcing the Criminal justice Act 1994 instead.

Two weeks ago a covert south of Tewkesbury was drawn through by the Cotswold Vale Fox Hunt. Monitors found a badger sett stopped up (this stops a hunted fox using it as a refuge) directly on a public footpath. Later it was unblocked and it was discovered that petrol had been poured down the entrance of the sett to dissuade foxes, to kill any badgers or foxes that dwelt within or both so not only breaching the Hunting Act but badger protection laws too. The police have not exactly responded with lightning speed to deal with the crime likewise with serious unprovoked assaults on monitors already this season.

The Hunting Act and the police response to it is a prime example of how (despite asking nicely and lobbying as we are told to do by the state) getting laws changed within a rotten system does not in itself work. Hunting is one of many violations against other species, the earth and our own species. A ban of this and that is like moving deck chairs on the Titanic, parliament and the police and the courts are not fit for purpose i.e a just and compassionate society. In fact the complete lack of interest from the police in enforcing the ban and the persistence shown in harassing and prosecuting monitors and sabs is a stark lesson in realising that animal abuse is firmly supported by the powerful. Getting things banned may be a worthwhile exercise but the only thing that really helps change is responsible citizens using direct action to save lives. Taking responsibility ourselves and coming up with viable alternatives rather than leaving it all to the state is something we have to learn. Even after a century of campaigning the Hunting Act is under grave threat from the Tory party if they win the election. As it is unenforced anyway, except by animal rights groups, it remains an example of how it is a waste of time for direct action activists to lobby, leave it to the lobbyists, LACS, the BUAV etc, we have a different task at hand ,to directly challenge animal abuse and its practitioners. Whatever happens in parliament, whatever the police do, we need to be self sufficient and able to stop or at least hinder violence against the vulnerable using whatever tactics are effective and ethically viable.

What exactly are the police and criminal justice system for?

What exactly are the police and criminal justice system for?

Two different things have happened in the last few  weeks. One made national headlines, one made no headlines, both are connected.

First of all Sean Kirtley was released after spending nearly a year and a half in prison. He was released by the High Court after a legal fiasco which saw upwards of 5 million pounds being spent on curbing peaceful protest outside Sequani, Ledbury, Herefordshire. The police, the CPS and the judiciary wanted no expense spared on hounding 12 animal rights protestors when the very worst of their dark deeds was the breaking of one window, by accident, by one of them, who admitted it . 1 pleaded guilty after being threatened with prison, 5 were found not guilty, 6 had all charges dropped, Sean was found guilty of conspiracy to commit a breach of 145 SOCPA and was sentenced to 4 ½ years and then a 5 year CRASBO, i.e an effective 9 ½ year sentence. He did not break the window. Staff at Sequani  are protected by  fences and security, they outnumber protestors  often 100 to 1, they have not had home demos for over 10 years all protests were at places of work and were peaceful. The police decided that they needed full protection. Sean’s release and complete exoneration have not been in the news at all apart from activist media.

Different part of the country Bardon Road, Barwell, Leicestershire. At about the same time doors were being  smashed all over the UK to round up animal rights activists Fiona Pilkington is desperate to stop herself, her disabled daughter and her son being cruelly abused so desperate she torched herself and her daughter. You see when a vivisector sees a banner that is terrorism, when a gang of thugs beat a boy unconscious, and target a family mercilessly because of a medical problem that is “anti social behaviour” and apparently nothing to do with the police. Of course we only have the papers to rely on here( and they are hardly trustworthy) but even if a fraction of what we read is true the police would not or could not protect this family.

So what are they for? The short answer is to control dissent, to protect the powerful, Fiona Pilkington was vulnerable so she did not qualify for help, Sequani are a big corporation and they not only qualify for help but sychophancy from the very highest ranks of West Mercia, the CPS and Judge Ross.

It would be very unfair to the police not to recognise the very hard and dangerous work they often do, even from an anarchist perspective. Also to be really fair as well as being violent to me  their presence has also stopped me from being really badly hurt by animal abusers it is all very complicated. They (along with the fire and ambulance services) sort out car crashes, they gently question the victims of child abuse to catch the abusers, they save lives and do many amazing things. But they also as an institution try to crush anyone taking responsibility for their own communities and planet whilst ignoring crimes which are now allowing other oppressors to control the lives of ordinary folk and I include some large companies and CEOs as well as much maligned gangs. If the arrangement with the police is that they will deal with whoever has smashed up an elderly persons house, or scum dog fighting in the park that is one thing, if they cannot or will not the least they can do is get out of the way and allow communities to sort out their own problems using direct action without sanction.




Another photo taken of Steve Discombe taken in a park in London.


Secrets, Spies and poorly forumlated lies.

Aha! And so it came to pass that Ian aka Anthony did wear a beagle costume and lo he did decieve the righteous ones and sell information for much dosh.

As he sits allegedly in Gran Canaria pontificating on morality Anthony/Ian/whatever who collaborated with the Times and Timothy Lawson Cruttenden on “exposing” SHAC may like to consider the fact that SHAC is still strong and the animal rights movement is spreading accross the globe.

Correction time…

The ALF is a banner, it has no membership and has no leaders, it is not difficult to infiltrate the ALF, if you wish to get to the heart of the ALF then look no further than the hearts of the compassionate individual within.

SHAC started in 1999 NOT 2001 (for fucks sake this is BASIC stuff)

Heather and Mel were not girlfriend and boyfriend.

HLS do so much more than test drugs, look at their website why omit the fact that they also torture innocent creatures to death for stuff like artificial sweeteners?

Greg, Natasha, Heather and Mel were in no way responsible for Gladys being dug up or Brian being bashed on the bonce and there is absolutely no evidence that they were.

This is akin to blaming Andrew Baker with the Bhopal disaster because Union Carbide are an HLS customer, hey let us blame him personally for the murder of Ken Saro Wiwa as well because Shell are also an HLS customer? CONSPIRACY OR WHAT only thing is HLS are connected to those who torture maim and kill other human beings as opposed to a bit of graffiti or a rude letter from unknown persons.

Anthony/Ian/whatever says he is proud. Of what exactly? Doing a well paid job and shafting those who at least can say they have done their utmost to stem the tide of destruction and hatred against innocent souls?

We can’t wait to see the book!

Netcu Watch // The Truth About Gladys Hammond

Gladys Hammond 

At the recent sentencing of the SHAC 7 the alleged theft of Gladys Hammond’s body from her grave was mentioned yet again despite having nothing to do with the SHAC campaign. The constant ‘resurrection’ of Gladys is clearly ‘used’ to convey to the public that all animal rights campaigners are callous fanatics. While most of the media have mentioned the grave-theft at one time or another none of them have made any effort whatsoever to authenticate the story. 

The Alleged Grave-Theft 

Allegedly it all began on the 6th October 2004 when the Staffordshire police would have you believe that two protesters visited the quiet countryside village of Yoxall in Staffordshire at the dead of night, armed with one fold-up spade, to steal Gladys Hammond from her grave. Anyone who has visited Yoxall will know that the graveyard is completely surrounded by houses. A female OAP was then said to have travelled some distance with the corpse before carrying it (dressed in a pink shroud) up four flights of stairs to the flat she shared with her Jack Russell, who was very partial to a bone ! Nineteen months later, in May 2006, Gladys Hammond was supposedly found on Cannock Chase. 

Contradictions in the Alleged Grave Theft 

1. An 84 year old was said to have noticed the “disturbed” grave whilst police photographs showed a professionally dug grave with precise sides and corners. 
2. The vicar said the plaque was on the coffin lid whereas police photographs showed the plaque lying on the soil nearby and there was no coffin lid. 
3. Police said bones were left at the grave which was a contradiction to what Janet Palmer (Gladys Hammond’s daughter) said. She stated she “was relieved that her mother’s body had been kept intact”. 
4. Police said the gravestone was “smashed” yet police photographs clearly showed Gladys Hammond’s name on the complete gravestone. 
5. The Forestry Commission reported the corpse could only have lain where it was found for a very short time whereas the police stated it had been there for a considerable length of time. 

The OAP 

The OAP was subsequently arrested on 1 December 2004 at 08.20hrs. She was totally unaware that her arrest had been headline news on the local news stations at 08.00hrs. As she was escorted from her flat by 3 detectives there were 6 police officers with large boxes waiting on the stairs to search her flat and seize her property. She was taken to the police station and questioned on and off throughout the day. The 6 officers found no trace of Gladys in the flat and the OAP was released without charge later that evening. The next day, despite making international media headlines as a grave-robber and named as a defendant in the High Court Application to ban all protests at the guinea-pig farm, the Judge allowed the OAP to continue her protests ! 

When the OAP eventually learned that the witness who had identified her as a “5’10” male with not dark hair seen standing as lookout at Yoxall cemetery in mid September 2004” and later changed her description to a “5’4” female with no hair” was the Rev. Jenny Lister vicar of Yoxall she couldn’t understand why a vicar would blatantly lie about her until she received a cutting from the local paper through the post which told of the arrest and charging of the Rev. Peter Lister (Jenny’s husband) for sexually abusing a 14 year old boy some years previously. She immediately thought what a great incentive for the vicar to lie if she could “do a deal” with the CPS to incriminate the OAP if they dropped the sexual abuse charge against her husband. This is exactly what the CPS did at his trial in Northumbria in 2005. Would vicars lie ? Well Jenny Lister certainly lied because the OAP had never visited Yoxall cemetery. Peter Lister also lied because the OAP has since met the person he sexually abused which means the two vicars have got away with horrific crimes whilst being aided and abetted by the Staffordshire police and the CPS. Meanwhile the OAP’s solicitors have been refused the legal aid she needs in order to clear her name because the Legal Funding Commission “do not consider her case to be in the public’s interests”.

National Anti Vivisection Society expose HLS cruelty and incompetence.

To all those involved with this comprehensive, well researched, well written and damning report and accompanying film, the utmost respect especially the brave soul who was behind enemy lines for a whole year.

HLS workers are supposed to be these brave champions of science risking their lives, so the public are told, so that no-one need ever be ill or die again! The footage shot by the NAVs investigator shows three cowardly bullies tormenting a small macaque by pinning him down and forcing him to breathe in toxic fumes, others are shown in restraining devices which makes them look as though they are being crucified. These are the people who whine relentlessly about even polite letters to their employer they are mostly a worthless, pathetic, spineless, odious gang of thugs no better than those who torture animals for fun.

Imagine the following. HLS are so proud of their work they decide to set up a road show replicating experiments to the public. They pitch up and 3 workers grab a tiny screaming monkey from a cage, their victim is struggling and crying , they spread his tiny limbs spread eagle so he cannot move and then force a mask onto his face, as noxious fumes enter his helpless body his rectum prolapses in utter terror. What on earth do they think people would do? Pat them on the back thanking them? Show their children? Or surge forward, rescue the monkey and give the workers a taste of their own medicine by strapping them into the stereotaxic device and forcing pollutants into their lungs? We suspect that the workers would be rather harshly treated and rightly so. Of course as we know NETCU support such torture and would ensure that anyone who even criticised the vivisectors as they “worked” would be locked up or at least warned about “harassment”. Calling them what they are, torturers and murderers, would result in the HLS workers crying that they don’t like to be called such names and the police doing everything to placate them even if it means ignoring an old lady being mugged further down the street.

The NAVs investigator reported that on necropsy days when dead monkeys were dissected all of the macaques fell silent. The sheer horror, violence and terror HLS workers inflict on their victims has never and will never be inflicted on them, none of us would ever stoop so low as to kidnap, torture and murder one of them because we are morally superior , because however disgusting these lowlife are they are still sentient and because maybe, just maybe they will learn to be decent human beings one day, there is always hope.

NETCU, the CPS, the government, various police forces and the judiciary have backed HLS to the hilt and have publicly announced that they support all legal experiments including the ones filmed by NAVS. They too as bed fellows of this disgusting corporation are implicated with the atrocities committed.

Interestingly the Minstry of Defence are listed as HLS customers so what do HLS test on their behalf?