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  1. May I have a copy of the booklet please

  2. keep up the good work, help to expose the repressive state, from Thacher to brown via Blare and Bush, you should hang the lot!

  3. can i also get a copy of the book by pdf please.

    Response: Here you go:

    All the best

  4. I don’t like your “Peaceful protesters are NOT ‘extremists’!” slogan because it implies that “extremism” is a bad thing! In “left” politics, it’s not “extremism” but moderation that’s the main problem.

    – Response: We couldn’t agree more. we are of course talking of the authoritarian use of the word extremist. By definition our actions are far from the centre of political / social thought process so we are extremists.

  5. from

    “Gladys was disinterred”….Really??
    18.01.2009 20:01

    I`ve seen no evidence to substantiate this. What I have seen is a whole load of claims that simply don`t stack up to scrutiny. The grave was just yards from several houses, whose upstairs windows had unrestricted views of the grave. How on earth do you go about digging a massive great hole without anyone waking up?

    Surely the whole saga was an attempt by the state/police/Halls to stop the campaign and turn the general public against the AR movement. The high court of course eventually ruled that the demos could continue. Soon after this, Darley Oaks Farm closed down.

    animal activist

    • We are not saying that an AR activist WAS involved with the Gladys Hammond body digging? We also don’t know of anyone who sent a HIV infected needle. Sorry if the article appeared like we making assumptions, we know for a fact that Johnny Ablewhite had nothing to do with the grave digging as he was in London during the theft. Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

  6. A purple ribbon represents FATHERs RIGHTS!!!

    Reply: Actually the purple ribbon has been used by many movements and struggles including Cystic Fibrosis? Who cares about ribbon colours anyway, if someone from the fathers rights movement has a copyright please do inform us… seriously post another comment…

  7. I am investigating high level corruption in Thames Valley Police and West Mercia Police. They are connected. Could you please get in touch with me. Thanks.

    • I may be able to help you as I have extensive research on security business networks which include members of the UK police, PIs and mercenaries.

      • We always appreciate any info you have that you think would be useful to us

      • Anonymous=Cowardice!!!!

      • Why hide behind Anonymity if you are genuine, honest and prepared to stand by the work that you do! I have never felt the need to hide who I am or what I do and find those that do tend to be self motivated cowards. Many good people who have strong feeling protest on a daily basis and stand up for what they believe! Openly and in full view, why dont you try it, or will that uncover yet another cowardly informer, portraying them selves as a genuine humain being!!!!

  8. If the nectu is a private company and therefore not liable for foi requests, then why has their website at been registered as a UK Government Body.

    Someone should complain to nominet ( about wrongful registration, they will be very interested in any complaint.

    Also it might be worth appealing to the information commission saying that the nectu sees it self as a government agency and therefore should need to comply with foi requests.

  9. I have this target under surveillance for some time. He is extremely dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances. The IAT is an Oxford based front company claiming to provide an accreditation scheme for animals in captivity for science. Their real operational activity is unknown. The IAT is a registered company and thought to be linked to Pro Test. I also have a photo of John G Butler thought to have been taken in Iraq recently.

    In his own words:

    John G. Butler LL.B.(Hon’s)


    Consultant to DTI and Institute of Animal Technology, including complete liaison at all levels. With responsibility for the control of operational security agencies. For a high risk conference, held in the UK for the first time in 5 years, due to the extremely high threat. Detail also included security for the Minister for Science and research scientists, who have received death threats from international protest groups, recognised as terrorist organisations.
    Advisor to U.N. and J.E.M.B. in Afghanistan, in the lead-up and follow-up, of presidential and parliamentary elections. Command and consultancy, to Afghanistan M.O.I. police unit, dealing with I.E.D. incidents, Rocket attacks and the capture of terrorist surveillance team’s. Consultancy and command of Afghanistan national army unit. Responsible for the security in the units’ designated area of control. Dealing with ordinance finds and eradication or capture of operatives, attempting to destabilise the area or attack the unit.
    Force Protection Officer, Gulf Regional Division, US DoD, Iraq, Responsible for the armed escort of the officer commanding the division, and other senior personnel.
    Prominent team member, during the re-training of presidential guard, in the Cote d’Ivoire, while working alongside them, to asses the ability of those already in place.
    Overt and Covert armed operations, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Zaire and Zimbabwe.
    Personal security coordinator, for business executives.
    Security and Surveillance, of senior directors of several multinational companies, while under threat from a range of protestors, now recognised as being from terrorist organisations.
    Control of high risk research conferences, in the UK and Overseas.
    Overt and covert security escort, for religious leaders and other dignitaries, visiting the UK from overseas.
    Involvement in security detail, for AGM’s of top 100 companies.
    Managing and Operating personal and corporate covert security investigations, by the use of IT and human based resources.
    Managing security for celebrities, high net worth individuals, and entertainers.

    June 21st
    political views

    Non Political
    religious views

    each to their own

    relationship status


    QUALIFICATION DETAILS: Member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. 2005: Nemesis Group, Security Industries Authority, Guided PPO Course. Diploma in Protective Security, from BCUC Certificate No. 1068000023. 2005: HSE Medic Training Certificate, for close protection industry. HSE Paediatric Medic Certificate,for close protection industry. HSE Defibrillator and Oxygen Certificate. Pyng Medical Intraosseous Infusion System (FAST1). LMA Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate. [All renewed as required] 2005: Level 3 Diploma, Close Protection Team Leader (FAQ). 1996: Intense close protection and security coordinators Course. AKE Ltd. Hereford, under personal instruction From Alick Spence, Ken Connor, Richard ‘Ginge’ Johnson Andrew Kane & Paul Mills. 1996: Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Search and Rescue Diver, Oxygen first aid, Assistant Diving Instructor. 1994: College of Law, Legal Practice Course. 1992: University of Lancaster, Bachelor of Laws. 1989: Cambridge Law Studies test. Open College; Mathematics, English Language, Law, Business Studies. G.C.S.E. Law.

  10. Please forward me the photo

  11. I suppose the moderators will remove my comments! so much for free speach!!!

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