The State shows its true colours.

The State shows its true colours.

The Independent front page makes astounding reading. The old D’ notices with which the police, MI5,etc could ask the media not to publish sensitive stuff is to be replaced by a new piece of legislation which gags all journalists if those in Whitehall have their wicked way.

On page 7 reads the headline “Unit that rescued victims of child labour and sex trade is closed down”. The largest dedicated human trafficking police unit because of spending cuts. The overall budget for the protection of 4000 innocent people forced into a living hell was a pathetic 4 million pounds, it is now 1.7 million! So those in charge of policing are quite happy to squander 4 million pounds plus on prosecuting the Sequani 6 alone. The message is clear forcing a young girl into a life of torture and repeated rape is nothing compared to feeling slightly annoyed at a banner being held according to the Home Office. But then of course women and children whose lives are at risk and may well be deported do not have lobbyists, they do not give huge donations to the Labour Party, they do not have senior police officers at their beck and call unlike Big Pharma.

A serious question to all police officers ;

Did you become a police officer to stop atrocities such as serial rape or to sit behind a desk trying to prove that a peaceful protestor somehow “harassed” someone who spends all day hurting innocent animals? Honestly now where would YOU prefer the national budget to be spent NETCU or the Met’s People Trafficking Team not that any of you have a choice?