Sarah Whitehead is a brave and caring person. When concerned neighbours went to her for help as they were concerned about a beagle she acted and rescued that poor little soul from horrendous abuse. We would like to emphasise that this creature was not a much loved family pet as has been portrayed in the local media but a punchbag who was thrown about, denied adequate food, permanently muzzled, repeatedly punched and kicked and tied to a radiator. The RSPCA and the police are often as much use as a chocolate fireguard in this sort of case unfortunately so the choice was to allow the abuse to continue or to intervene. Being a decent person Sarah took the dog who is now safe although NETCU are asking the public to help return the dog to be violently and repeatedly attacked. We stress this is not the case of just not walking a dog or one incident of loss of control, this was sustained torture. It is of no concern to them that this individual dog was the victim of a crime they could not care less if the children in the house are the next targets (if they are not already), no all NETCU care about is stopping people from campaigning for animal rights. Sadly for them whatever they do to us compassionate people will always take a stand and defy them.

Animal rights people had plenty of opportunity to take Nellie Chris Brown’s dog from Hillgrove farm as the great soppy Labrador would often come and sit with activists and often steal food! Out of the hundreds of activists who had the pleasure of meeting Nellie not one person thought to take her away because despite everything she was very much loved by the Brown’s and spoilt rotten, no-one would have found her a better home and in fact Mr Brown once recoiled in horror at the very thought of Nellie going to the same laboratory as he sent the cats when it was put to him how disgusting his business was it really seemed to hit home. One got the impression he would have rather sent his wife Katherine rather than Nellie! There are hundreds of dogs, cats and other creatures needing homes Sarah would not have rescued this dog unless the dog was suffering.

Where are NETCU when scum steal much loved family members, threaten to harm them and/or actually harm them for example ripping off an ear, blackmail the family for thousands of pounds and return a terrified wretch only when the money is paid? Where are NETCU when dogs and cats are abducted by vermin who use them to train other dogs for fighting, leaving pet dogs and cats shredded to pieces? Where are NETCU when animals disappear taken to be skinned for the fur trade? They are not at all interested. Indeed no police force is. Google “stolen dogs” and it becomes apparent that it is volunteers who are left to pick up the pieces the police can not be arsed.

We at NW are outraged that the police now that they have got their little victory i.e Sarah locked up for 2 years are so keen to return an innocent soul to hell. We urge that no-one assists them in this matter and in fact if anyone wishes to make their feelings known (please be polite the staff know nothing about this so educate them with courtesy) please phone Kent police on 01622 6539933 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111(it’s free!).

Please write and show your support to Sarah!

Sarah Whitehead #VM7684
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
Middlesex TW15 3JZ